Dataset: ASU-Plants
Search Criteria: Cuba; Holguin; excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Arizona State University Vascular Plant Herbarium

ASU0059485AI Gentry   510481985-07-13
Cuba, Holguin, Near Holguin airport., 20.83333 -76.33333, 100m

Psidium urquiolanum Landrum & Z. Acosta
ASU0060189A. Urquiola   71081991-06-30
Cuba, Holguin, Charrascalos de Cayo Guam, Moa; al W del campismo., 20.575018 -74.860858

Mosiera ekmanii (Urb.) Bisse
ASU0064166A. Urquiela   72381991-02-07
Cuba, Holguin, La Caridad, Pinares de Mayari.

Mosiera ophiticola (Britton & P.Wilson) Bisse
ASU0066804A. J. Urquiola   91872000-06-01
Cuba, Holguin, Cuabales de Moa, a orillas de la carretera a Baracoa.

Mosiera nipensis Salywon & Landrum
asu0081927C.V. Morton & J. Acuna   32621941-10-16
Cuba, Holguin, crest of Sierra Nipe, 20.4676 -75.817, 600 - 700m

Mosiera yamaniguensis Urquiola & Z. Acosta
ASU0105108A.J. Urquiola   9177
Cuba, Holguin, Cuabales de Moa, a orillas de la carretera a Baracoa, Holguin

ASU0322686Gomez, J. L.   2016-06-08
Cuba, Holguin, Mayari', Loma Mensura, Sierra de Nipe

Calycorectes moana Borhidi & O. Muniz
ASU0322692Flickinger   612016-08-12
Cuba, Holguin, Moa, Cerro de Miraflores, top of hill, 20.633403 -75.033453

Psidium parvifolium (Griseb.) Griseb.
ASU0322690Flickinger   352016-08-09
Cuba, Holguin, Mayari, Ka Cueva, Sierra de Nipe, 20.521067 -75.695436, 394m

Page 1, records 1-9 of 9

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