Dataset: BRY-V
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Brigham Young University, S. L. Welsh Herbarium

BRYV0006585Steven R. Hill   272741995-08-19
Guyana, Region IX. Upper Takutu District: Southern Rupununi Savanna, east side of Rupununi River, Dadanawa. Ponds between Dadanawa and Tatatawan., 2.83333 -59.41666, 110 - 120m

BRYV0165599J. Pipoly   117421987-04-24
Guyana, Essequibo Island-West Demerara Region: Naamryck Canal just west of Lookout; remnant primary forest trees., 6.83333 -58.41666, 1m

BRYV0165616J. Pipoly   114611987-04-12
Guyana, East Berbice-Corentyne Region: Canje River, Cow Savanna east of Digitima Creek., 5.6 -57.58333, 1 - 25m

Rollinia exsucca (DC. ex Dunal) A.DC.
BRYV0165852J. Pipoly   83961986-08-11
Guyana, Barima-Waini Region: Matthews Ridge, between train yard and Pakera Guest house., 7.6 -60, 45m

Calotropis procera (Aiton) W.T. Aiton
BRYV0164209K. Robertson   3071967-06-18
Guyana, Golden Grove.

Bombacopsis Pittier
BRYV0160807J. Pipoly   107711987-02-28
Guyana, Cuyuni-Mazaruni Region. Along Koatse R; more or less 2 km. east of Pong R, more or less 5 hour walk south of Chinoweing Village., 5.46666 -60.06666, 600 - 650m

Protium aracouchini (Aubl.) Marchand
BRYV0173334J. Pipoly   113491987-04-09
Guyana, E. Berbice-Corentyne Region: Canje River, +- 0.75 km N of Ekwarun River., 5.33333 -57.63333, 1 - 25m

Calea lucidivenia var. lucidiviena Gleason & S.F. Blake
BRYV0226948John J. Pipoly   109001987-03-01
Guyana, Cuyuni-Mazaruni Region: Ayanganna Plateau; savanna N of mt. center., 5.46666 -60.06666, 650 - 700m

Page 1, records 1-8 of 8

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