Dataset: BRY-V
Search Criteria: Slovakia; excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Brigham Young University, S. L. Welsh Herbarium

BRYV0009345L. C. Richard De Orchid   13001936-12-15
Slovakia, Tatra Magna: m. BielskŽ Tatry, in pratis subalpinus inter Tatransk‡ Kotlina et. l. d. Holubyho dol., 1200m

BRYV0080892Dris R. Moldvai   4501964-05-01
Slovakia, Slovakiam Tatra Magna pr. lacu StrbskŽ Pleso in turfosis., 1350m

Carex alba Scop.
BRYV0021627V. Skrivdenk Dr.   s.n.1962-05-03
Slovakia, Flora slovenia. (rest of label illegible).

BRYV0172607F. Weber   1933-05-02
Slovakia, 1. Moravia Merid-Orient.: montes B’lŽ Karpaty, in pratis stepposis Vyzkum una cum Stipa stenohylla supra p. Tasov. ca. 350 m. (05/02/1933). 2. Moravia Centr.: Brno: Kur’m, in querceto lucido collis Zlobice; ca. 400 m. (06/22/1934)., 350 - 400m

Symphytum cordatum Waldst. & Kit.
BRYV0172651V. Skrivdenk Dr.   1965-05-16
Slovakia, Flora Slovaca; VysokŽ Tatry: iVysne Ruzbachy in fruticosis ad rivam.

Dianthus carthusianorum subsp. carthusianorum fo. alpestris Wolosc.
BRYV0188568Fr. Cernoch   25.5851974-08-10
Slovakia, [Label not in English.], 1480m

Dianthus lumnitzeri Wiesb.
BRYV0188681Fr. Cernoch   17.9091968-05-25
Slovakia, [Label not in English.], 650m

BRYV0188653Fr. Cernoch   25.5971974-08-09
Slovakia, [Label not in English.], 1500m

Minuartia fasciculata (L.) Rchb.
BRYV0191311F. Weber   s.n.1936-07-26
Slovakia, [Label not in English.], 350m

Silene nemoralis Waldst. & Kit.
BRYV0194636J. Suza   1931-06-18
Slovakia, Tatra Minor. Label not in English.

BRYV0229780Fr. Cernoch   s.n.1965-08-24
Slovakia, Septentr.: Pieniny montes: in rupibus calcareis montis Holica supra fl. Dunajec. Soecies endemitica., 500 - 800m

BRYV0257949Dr. V. Skriv‡nek   s.n.1956-07-15
Slovakia, Illegible.

Alyssum tortuosum subsp. heterophyllum Ny‡r
BRYV0294628Dr. V. Skriv‡nek   s.n.1958-05-06
Slovakia, Written in slovakian.

BRYV0298880J. Suza   10361930-06-13
Slovakia, SLOVAKIA SEPT.: Spis. Nova ves, in regione, Slovensky raj: in m. Glae, in pratic montanis., 900m

Page 1, records 1-14 of 14

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