Dataset: BRY-V
Search Criteria: Sri Lanka; excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Brigham Young University, S. L. Welsh Herbarium

Asystasia gangetica (L.) T.Anderson
BRYV0004303F. R. Fosberg   535891970-12-10
Sri Lanka, Mannar, Near mile post 24 n. of Mannar.

Peristylus trimenii (Hook.f.) Abeyw.
BRYV0029146F. R. Fosberg   531701970-11-28
Sri Lanka, Monaragala District. 7 miles east of Bibile., 245m

Strobilanthes calycinus Nees
BRYV0145537F. R. Fosberg   580841978-10-26
Sri Lanka, Central, Kandy, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). East path up AdamÕs Peak, from Moray Tea Estate, west of Maskaliya., 1981 - 2243m

BRYV0004395R. G. Cooray   1969-05-01
Sri Lanka, N.w. Ceylon, Wilpattu National Park.

BRYV0173374Kostermans   270071978-11-13
Sri Lanka, Maskeliya road., 900m

Capparis pedunculosa Wall. ex W.&A.
BRYV0176672N. Wirawan   8581969-06-29
Sri Lanka, N.W. Ceylon, Wilpattu National Park. Between Kokkare Villu and Kurutu Pandi Villu.

Pleurostylia opposita (Wall.) Alston
BRYV0200184N. Wirawan   8861969-06-30
Sri Lanka, N.W. Ceylon, Wilpattu National Park. Close to plot W39, North of Marai Villu.

Page 1, records 1-7 of 7

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