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Taxa: Cupressaceae
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New Mexico State University Herbarium

Chamaecyparis thyoides (L.) Britton, Sterns & Poggenb.
42243Potter, D   170161931-07-18
United States, New Jersey, United States, Swamp near Barnegat Bay

47278L.S. Rose   393651939-11-30
United States, California, Marin, Mt Tamalpais, 792m

Juniperus ashei J. Buchholz
43F.J. Lindheimer   11941850-02-00
United States, Texas, Comal, Comanche Spring; New Braunfels, etc.

81771D.L. Anderson   83392005-10-26
United States, New Mexico, Doña Ana, White Sands Missile Range, eatern slopes of Mineral Mountains, 500m east of Eureka Mine, growing on hills between the Organ and San Andres Mountains., 1530m

83446D. Gustafson and J.L. Carter   41792008-10-13
United States, New Mexico, Grant, On western bank of Bill Evans Lake., 1426m

33584C.B. Carter   81791935-07-13
United States, Arizona, Coconino, 15-20 mi S of Jacobs Lake, Kaibab, 2743m

33585Whitehead & Bolles   15001935-07-00
United States, Arizona, Apache, Sheep Spr 20 mi E McNary, 2896m

41217G. Leach   sn1936-09-23
United States, New Mexico, Dona Ana, NMSU Campus

42507H.L. Barnett   sn1938-06-00
United States, Michigan, Ingham, East Lansing

42509H.L. Barnett   sn1935-04-22
United States, Michigan, United States, Red Cedar River, East Lansing

44323C.G. Pringle   111801902-11-08
Mexico, Mexico, Hills near Ozumba

54370R.W. Spellenberg and R. Soreng   76811984-04-13
Mexico, Chihuahua, Mexico, Ca. 40 mi WNW Cd. Guerrero, 23 mi W of Matachic ca 8 mi before Tosanochic, at Rio Tomachic or Rio Papigochic (can't discern), 1676m

57275R.W. Spellenberg, R. Soreng and R. Corral-Díaz   80581985-04-26
Mexico, Chihuahua, Ocampo, Parque Nacional "Cascada de Basaseachi," in canyon along Rio Basaseachi leading to falls, 1980m

58990S. González, J. Rzedowski, et. al   36881985-09-27
Mexico, Durango, Suchil, El Sorrendo, 1 km al NW

58991A. Garcia, M. González and S. Acevedo   5191990-07-15
Mexico, Durango, Durango, Las Bayas, predio de UJED, Arroyo la Tecolota

82842R.W. Spellenberg, A. Garcia A., T. Lebgue and E. Estrada   19701994-03-12
Mexico, Chihuahua, Ocampo, Parque Nacional "Cascada de Basaseachi," zona muy cercana al campamento., 2000m

Juniperus deppeana f. sperryi (Correll) R.P. Adams
2116Fishbein, M   29151997-03-11
Mexico, Chihuahua, Guachochi, Pino Gordo, SE of Guachochi, 26.542 -107.008, 2475m

49385R.W. Spellenberg and R. Soreng   50421979-05-18
United States, New Mexico, Dona Ana, Organ Mts, S end of range at the mouth of Long Canyon

Page 3, records 201-218 of 218

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