Dataset: NMC-
Taxa: Oleaceae
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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New Mexico State University Herbarium

20496E.O. Wooton   sn1900-07-06
United States, New Mexico, Grant, South of the Mogollon Mountains: Warm Spring [near Faywood]., 1219m

35544C.B. Carter   sn1936-08-28
United States, Arizona, Coconino, below Stoneman Lake

20491E.O. Wooton   1071892-07-21
United States, Arizona, Navajo, Holbrook.

71292J. Henrickson   61481971-08-29
Mexico, Coahuila, Mexico, ca 23 (air) mi NW of Las Delicias, in a valley N of Sierra de las Delicias, near old mine, 26.38 -102.87, 1554m

73761J. Henrickson and P. Bekey   187871980-10-01
Mexico, Coahuila, Mexico, Sierra Jardin; ca 77 air miles SE of Big Bend National Park basin in N Coahuila; on N and E slopes of Valley ca 7 km S of Rancho El Jardin, part of Ejido del Sur, 29.02 -102.63

20509M.E. Jones   42351884-09-16
United States, Arizona, Cochise, Bowie

20508W.H. Evans   sn1891-07-08
United States, Arizona, Pima, Fort Lowell

Fraxinus schiedeana Cham. & Schlecht.
20514C.C. Deam   60671909-05-31
Guatemala, 1128m

20523J.B. Norton   323-A1895-09-21
United States, Kansas, Riley

Menodora laevis Wooton & Standl.
20534O.B. Metcalfe   7701903-09-22
United States, New Mexico, Grant, Duck Creek Flats; in the Gila River Bottom near Cliff

42087W.J. Hess   16231968-03-16
United States, Arizona, Pima, 28 mi. w. of Arivaca Junct. on Co. rd., 945m

Page 3, records 201-211 of 211

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