Dataset: GEO
Taxa: Staphyleaceae
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Emory University Herbarium

GEO:Thorne Flora
9426Robert F. Thorne   1947-10-06
United States of America, Georgia, Early County, Sawhatchee Creek, near its junction with Chattahoochee River

GEO:General Collection
20515   1986-05-14
United States of America, Georgia, Walker County, Cedar Grove

GEO:General Collection
9427Wilbur H. Duncan   1948-04-18
United States of America, Georgia, Bartow County, Allatoona Creek

GEO:General Collection
18755David Ettman   1979-06-23
United States of America, Georgia, Cherokee County, Sharp Mount Creek

GEO:General Collection
14989P. E. Bostick   1962-07-01
United States of America, North Carolina, Orange County, Finley Golf Course

GEO:General Collection
21472Judy Giles   1966-07-20
United States of America, Ohio, Ottawa County, Green Island, 41.6459167 -82.8651667

GEO:General Collection
3431Robert B. Platt   1946-04-13
United States of America, Maryland, Harford County, Susquehanna River

GEO:General Collection
3430Robert B. Platt   1946-04-30
United States of America, Pennsylvania, Delaware County, Swathmore

GEO:Southern Appalachian Botanical Club
11535George E. Constable   1959-06-00
United States of America, West Virginia, Taylor County, Boothsville

Page 1, records 1-9 of 9

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