Dataset: Bureau of Land Management-
Taxa: Ribes
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Ely BLM Herbarium

Bureau of Land Management
Ribes cereum Douglas
EDOBLM00504G. Gust, D. Gentilcore   19262009-06-26
USA, Nevada, Lincoln, Seaman Mt. Range. ~2.1km by air south by southeast of Oreana Spring and ~1.0km by air east of unnamed rd. Rocky Fire of 2006., 37.899715 -115.142369, 1929m

Bureau of Land Management
Ribes montigenum McClatchie
EDOBLM00505ES&R   2006-08-09
USA, Nevada, Lincoln, Meadow Creek Fire. Plot ME16AA010., 37.271479 -114.571727

Bureau of Land Management
EDOBLM00791B. Forer   2013-07-30
USA, Nevada, White Pine, ~0.9mi by air east of Hole in the Wall Spring and ~0.8mi by air southwest of Jones Spring., 38.854556 -114.879472, 2309m

Bureau of Land Management
Ribes cereum Dougl.
EDOBLM00793B. Forer   2013-07-31
USA, Nevada, White Pine, Cherry Creek Range. Goshute Canyon Wilderness Study Area, Goshute Basin; ~0.7mi by air northeast of Currie Summit., 40.051222 -114.876556, 2646m

Bureau of Land Management
EDOBLM01192E. Case, J. Brickey   2005-09-21
USA, Nevada, Lincoln, Parsnip 2 Fire. Y012 Site T(NR)1., 38.150555 -114.277993

Page 1, records 1-5 of 5

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