Dataset: BRIT-BRIT
Taxa: Caladium
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Botanical Research Institute of Texas, Philecology Herbarium

BRIT466613John Taylor   81281971-06-08
United States, Oklahoma, Bryan, A commercial potted plant that flowered sitting in our living room.

BRIT466610Alfred Traverse   24321961-06-13
United States, Texas, Harris, Houston; 7003 Edgemoor., 20m

BRIT466609Roger W. Sanders   67092005-06-02
United States, Texas, Gillespie, Ranch unit, ranch house (Texas White House)., 30.25 -98.616667

BRIT466608J. Campos   43291997-09-02
Peru, Cajamarca, San Ignacio. San José de Lourdes. Localidad Estrella del Oriente., 4.95 -78.983333, 1630m

BRIT466607S. P. Troublefield   2816A1952-06-25
Mexico, Guerrero, 8 mi. E. Acapulco., 152m

BRIT907423D. Dunn   232551979-08-02
El Salvador

Page 1, records 1-6 of 6

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