Dataset: BRIT-BRIT
Taxa: Stenospermation
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Botanical Research Institute of Texas, Philecology Herbarium

BRIT466931John Taylor   177511974-12-29
Costa Rica, Alajuela, Collected from the trees in the pasture on the Stapp farm near the school house in the area of Balsa da San Ramon. Elev. 900 meters, 10.172771 -84.496646, - 900m

BRIT466930John T. Atwood   41081971-03-03
Nicaragua, Jackson Farm, west of Bluefields Elevation 0-100 m, - 100m

BRIT466929John Taylor   114691972-08-02
Costa Rica, Cartago, Near Selva on hillside above the Rio Taus on north facing slope. 9°45'N, 83°45'W Elev. 1,000 meters, 9.725 -83.75, - 1000m

BRIT907443W. E. Harmon   61981971-07-06
Costa Rica, Puntarenas

Page 1, records 1-4 of 4

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