Dataset: CMN-CANM
Search Criteria: Italy; excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Canadian Museum of Nature

CAN 425171   
Italy, Macerata

Dichanthium ischaemum (L.) Roberty
CAN 552250Pavesi, A.   1986-09-28
Italy, Borgo Cerreto (Italie, prov. Perugia, Toscana), bords de la route naitonale Valnerina (SS Valnerina), à 1 km environ du village de Borgo Cerreto., 352m

Andropocon Ischaemon
CAN 207688Koch, Frau E.   1935-09-17
Italy, Kt. Tessin: Gipfel des Monte San Salvatore bei Lugano., 900m

Nigella damascina
CAN 423291Ricasoli, V.   
Italy, Hetruria

CAN 420644Ball, John   1854-10-23
Italy, Guastalla, Emilia

CAN 131548Moggridge, M.   1888-03-21
Italy, Roya river near Ventimiglia

Ribes sardoum Martelli
CAN 218532Martelli, Ugolino   1895-06-13
Italy, St. Ata-e-Bidda

Cryptogramma crispa (L.) R. Br. ex Hook.
CAN 543510Pistarino, Annalaura   20641988-08-27
Italy, Valle d'Aosta: Morgex, localita' lago d'Arpy, 2020m

Page 1, records 1-8 of 8

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