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Taxa: Scrophularia marilandica (Scrophularia neglecta)
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Western Illinois University, ​R. M. Myers Herbarium

MWI00046549Henry, Ron D.   4781965-07-13
USA, Illinois, Hancock, North of Warsaw, Kibbe Field Station, distillery

MWI00059217Kunshek, Rudy John   2011969-08-02
USA, Illinois, Hancock, North of Warsaw, Kibbe Field Station

William & Mary Herbarium

75046Dodge, J   18981999-08-31
United States, Virginia, Westmoreland, W end. Stratford Hall Plantation.

61245Ewan, Joseph A   173511946-09-15
United States, Maryland, Anne Arundel, headwaters of North Run, South River.

69702Class, Biology 443   s.n.1936-08-12
United States, Virginia, Williamsburg City, Matoaka Park (W), 37.266375 -76.723347

63879Nelson, J B   159311994-07-28
United States, Virginia, Nelson, Along Sec 826, 3.4 mi S of jct with VA 56; just S of Cash Hollow road, about 15 air mi NE of Beuna Vista, 975m

75087Grubbs, Holly J   5022004-07-14
United States, Virginia, Williamsburg City, College Woods, College of William and Mary, 37.271132 -76.729241

76935Baldwin, Patrick   54432007-09-22
United States, Virginia, Rockbridge, edges of the Maury River at Ben Salem Wayside. Rte 60 east. Town of Buena Vista, 37.754174 -79.393123

67213Nelson, J B   159311994-07-28
United States, Virginia, Nelson, woods along Sec 826, 3.4 miles S of jct with Va 56; just S of Cash Hollow Road, about 15 air miles NE of Buena Vista, 975m

61484Strong, Mark T   2401987-09-15
United States, Virginia, Prince William, East side of RF&P RR, along Farm Creek, 1.5 mile N of Neabsco.

66078Simmons, Mark P; Ware, Donna M; Hayden   17611992-10-10
United States, Virginia, King George, -

79827Baldwin, Patrick B   80652012-10-16
United States, Virginia, York, adjacent to exit road of large shopping center at interesection of Rte. 199 and Morristown Rd. across from Chick Fil A. Lightfoot, 37.337656 -76.749346

72627Crouch, Virginia E   12311994-10-20
United States, Alabama, Choctaw, -

60896Bradley, Ted; Cain, Rob   247011991-08-20
United States, Virginia, Louisa, along the South Anna River at Route 605 NE of Yanceyville

7752Johnson, M F   35361970-08-11
United States, Virginia, Richmond City, on N-facing slope of James River on Riverside Drive near Huguenot Bridge

16486Mikula, Bernard   45201949-09-12
United States, Virginia, Lunenburg, North Meherrin River; 5.0 mi. SW of Lunenburg, 36.922188 -78.290103

16847Thomas, R Dale   204141970-07-29
United States, Arkansas, Fulton Co., On banks of Spring River at US 63, Mammoth Springs., 36.495744 -91.536467

23864Ware, Donna M Eggers   66151976-11-08
United States, Virginia, Charles City, Edge of Chickahominy River at Cypress Bank Landing; property of A.T. Harwood located about 3 airmiles NE of jct. St. Rt. 614 and St. Rt. 615 at Blanks Tavern., 37.408965 -76.978648

25619Corcoran, Celeste M   15501976-09-24
United States, Virginia, Powhatan, on the James River, 0.25 mi E of Rt 614, 37.60231 -77.760886

38123Wieboldt, Thomas F   M-2611980-06-23
United States, Virginia, Albemarle, Monticello. On the north side of the mountain adjacent to the second roundabout., 38.011838 -78.452511

38266Wieboldt, Thomas F   M-4431980-07-30
United States, Virginia, Albemarle, Monticello; floodplain of the Rivanna River 1.25 miles East of the mansion at the NE corner of the property., 38.012903 -78.428385, 94m

43277North, Gretchen   10911982-10-05
United States, Virginia, Middlesex, On N side of VA Rt. 33, ca. 1 mi. E of jct. with US Rt. 17, E of Saluda., 37.605523 -76.592798

43449Watson, Frank   2271976-06-03
United States, Virginia, Nelson, Along west-facing slope above Harpers Creek., 37.845959 -79.011403, 488m

46399Ware, Donna M E   88381983-08-10
United States, Virginia, King George, Just N of Baptist church cemetery at W end of Park., 38.328088 -77.182193

48429Ware, Donna M E   90921985-08-27
United States, Virginia, Caroline, floor of deep ravine on E side of and parallel to U.S. Rt. 17, about 0.2 mi. SE of Mount Creek, and about 1 mi. N of Rappahannock Academy., 38.195588 -77.275787

52516Fleming, Gary P   20091985-08-17
United States, Virginia, Fauquier, western slope of the Rappahannock Mountains, 5.3 miles S. of Marshall; elev. 1300', 38.78934 -77.845504, 396m

53016Fleming, G. P.   9301984-08-19
United States, Virginia, Fauquier, eastern slope of the Rappahannock, Mountains, 5.7 miles S. of Marshall, 38.784456 -77.840998, 290m

55530Fleming, Gary P   43831989-08-19
United States, Virginia, Culpeper, Along the Rappahannock River, just S. of Rt. 620 (Kelly"s Ford) bridge, 4.6 miles S. of Remington; elev. 220 ft., 64m

55550Fleming, Gary P   44581989-09-03
United States, Virginia, Warren, Along Rt. 638, just S of road to Fire Lookout Tower; western slope (near summit) of the Blue Ridge; 3.9 mi. NNW of Markham., 634m

59257Cusick, Allison W   305181992-09-14
United States, Virginia, Wythe, bank of Reed Creek, 1 mi E of St Rt 121 RR crossing at Max Meadows

59306Wieboldt, Thomas F   69601989-08-04
United States, Virginia, Wythe, railroad grade along New River about 1.5 miles downstream from Foster Falls. Elev. 1920', 579m

Yale University Herbarium, Peabody Museum of Natural History (Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History-YU)

YU.148331Charles Spencer Crandall   1893-06-30
United States of America, Colorado, Larimer, Horsetooth Gulch, 40.5654 -105.1599, 1829m

Arizona State University Pollen Collection

USA, Michigan

Indiana Photographic Scavenger Hunt

Mark Sheehan   2021-08-02
United States, Indiana, Monroe, Kent Farm unit of Indiana University Research and Teaching Preserve, hill south of Kent Road, near summit on north side, in light gap in mixed hardwoods forest., 39.14513 -86.38864

Page 35, records 3401-3434 of 3434

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