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Taxa: Smilax herbacea (Smilax peduncularis, Smilax herbacea var. peduncularis), Smilax herbacea var. lasioneura, Smilax herbacea var. pulverulenta, Smilax herbacea var. inodora, Smilax herbacea var. herbacea, Smilax herbacea subsp. lasioneuron
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William & Mary Herbarium

59699Ware, Donna M E   81561983-05-15
United States, Virginia, King George, Caledon State Park, ravine just NW of tennis court at Mount Stuart enclave, 38.328206 -77.175134

891Leonard, S W   1855
United States, North Carolina, Alleghany, jct. of NC 18 and Co. Rt. 1416., 36.53815 -81.0906

Winthrop University Herbarium

United States, South Carolina, York

ASU-NEON Terrestrial Plant Collection (Herbarium Vouchers)

NEON04CPAE. Piché   42013-08-20
United States, Massachusetts, Worcester, Domain 01, Quabbin Reservation, vicinity of NEON base plot HARV_004, 42.427091 -72.229737

NEON06UXUJames Brewer (ORCID 0000-0002-7181-3370)   2021-07-28
United States, Virginia, Giles, Appalachians & Cumberland Plateau (D07), Mountain Lake Biological Station NEON (MLBS), North of MlBS_010, 37.378314 -80.524847, 1170m

Indiana Photographic Scavenger Hunt

Paul E. Rothrock   2010-06-26
United States, Indiana, Vermillion, Smith Cemetery Prairie, SR 63 SSW of Perrysville., 40.026505 -87.451229

Paul E. Rothrock   2010-08-26
United States, Indiana, Steuben, Pokagon State Park in vicinity of Lake Lonidaw, 41.705348 -85.018752

General Research Observations

Brian Kurtz   1372013-06-21
USA, Iowa, Winnieshek, Malanaphy Springs State Preserve, 43.34853 -91.836

LCDI001094Beth Lynch   130924-232013-09-24
USA, Iowa, Winneshiek, Malanaphy Springs, 43.34927 -91.83515

Walter Fertig   971986-08-10
United States, Connecticut, Hartford, North Granby [south of junction of East Street and Route 189], 41.995576 -72.829732, 91m

Walter Fertig   9521989-06-02
USA, Connecticut, Hartford, North Granby, East Street, 800 feet east of junction with Route 189, 41.99608 -72.829461, 152m

WJH000975Bill Harms   25641984-05-14
United States, Mayland, Howard, Patuxent Branch Trail, Savage Park, 0-600 feet from parking lot, 39.142034 -76.831021, 83m

WJH000988Bill Harms   25781984-05-00
United States, Mayland

Garrett Billings   
United States, Alabama, Jackson, detailed locality information protected

Page 31, records 3001-3014 of 3014

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