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Taxa: Trillium flexipes (Trillium gleasonii, Trillium declinatum)
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Western Illinois University, ​R. M. Myers Herbarium

MWI00017706Akerman, D.   231979-05-24
USA, Illinois, Winnebago, Rockford

MWI00035065Evers, Robert A.   943231968-05-09
USA, Illinois, Rock Island, East of Cordova

MWI00035066Clausen, Alvin Tobias   2111966-05-14
USA, Illinois, Peoria, Peoria, Forest Park

MWI00035067Bailey, William M.   6741949-05-03
USA, Illinois, Hardin, Rock Creek, valley, northeast part of county

MWI00035068Bailey, William M.   3321948-04-08
USA, Illinois, Jackson, Fountain Bluff, west part of county

MWI00043972Ogden, H.V.   1912-06-01
USA, Wisconsin, Waukesha, Waukesha Beach

MWI00056315Werth, Charles R.   RE 16c 111980-04-27
USA, Ohio, Butler, Indian Creek Preserve, slope overlooking Indian Creek at north end of park, label has map, Reily Township

William & Mary Herbarium

15442Kral, R   
United States, Alabama, Etowah, detailed locality information protected

United States, Tennessee, Williamson, detailed locality information protected

12950Blum, Kurt E   
United States, Tennessee, Sumner, detailed locality information protected

Indiana Photographic Scavenger Hunt

Bob Easter   2020-04-29
United States, Indiana, Fountain, Fountain County, Shawnee Bottoms Nature Preserve, 0.5 miles east of the town of Fountain, 40.2257 -87.31953

Daniel Sembroski   2020-05-12
United States, Indiana, Marion, Southweastway Park trail., 39.688742 -85.958986

Rothrock, Paul   2022-05-02
United States, Indiana, Shelby, Meltzer Woods Nature Preserve, 39.504527 -85.668269

General Research Observations

LCDI001065Brian Kurtz   1142013-06-21
USA, Iowa, Winnieshek, Malanaphy Springs State Preserve, 43.3474 -91.83746

R.C. Clark   211711987-06-21
United States, Kentucky, Menifee, Mixed woods on sandstone colluvium along Clifty Creek, ca. 0.2 mi upstream from junction with Red River

Walter Fertig   316962017-04-19
United States, Indiana, Monroe, Griffy Lake Nature Preserve, Huckleberry Ridge trail south of Griffy lake, north of Bloomington. T9N R1W S22 SE4SE4 SW4, 39.194582 -86.513847, 207m

Garrett G. Billings   
United States, Alabama, Jackson, detailed locality information protected

Page 22, records 2101-2117 of 2117

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