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Taxa: Sisymbrium officinale (Erysimum officinale, Sisymbrium officinale var. leiocarpum, Sisymbrium officinale var. officinale, Chamaeplium officinale)
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William & Mary Herbarium

28418Greaves, James M   12211976-07-14
United States, Virginia, Gloucester, At Rt 616 bridge crossing of Beaverdam Swamp, 1.0 mile N of Gloucester - CH G-7, 37.426289 -76.529442

31271Corcoran, Celeste M   2811976-05-10
United States, Virginia, Powhatan, floodplain of the James River, 0.25 mi W of Fine Creek, 37.606264 -77.821257

37477Whitmarsh, Lynne L.   1001979-05-10
United States, Virginia, Isle of Wight, Along Co. Rt. 673, 1.0 miles E of junction with Co. Rt. 674, NE of Lawson, 37.015372 -76.612853

37703Train, Elizabeth L.   2671977-06-17
United States, Virginia, Middlesex, 1.5 mi. upstream from bridge at Rt 17, 37.590143 -76.611622

37771Train, Elizabeth L.   2671977-06-17
United States, Virginia, Middlesex, 1.5 mi. upstream from bridge

38082Wieboldt, Thomas F   M-3221980-06-24
United States, Virginia, Albemarle, 0.2 mile NE of mansion, 38.010395 -78.452319

41053Thomas, R. Dale   712101980-05-04
United States, Louisiana, De Soto, Beside LA 175 at Bayou Pierre and Caddo Parish line, NE of Frierson.

41249Harlow, James R.   10651950-06-11
United States, Virginia, Greene, 1/4 east of Quinque., 38.251451 -78.38905

43295North, Gretchen   10261982-06-10
United States, Virginia, Middlesex, On N. side of VA Rt. 629, ca. 0.5 mi/ E of My Lady's Swamp and 4 mi. SE of jct. with VA Rt. 33, W of Healys., 37.577677 -76.52267

52845Fleming, Gary P   7811984-07-22
United States, Virginia, Fauquier, At Wildcat Mountain Farm, eastern slope of the Rappahannock Mountains, 5.3 miles S. of Marshall., 38.790912 -77.841213, 396m

52855Fleming, Gary P   4861984-05-28
United States, Virginia, Fauquier, Eastern slope of the Rappahannock Mountains, 5.3 mi S of Marshall. elev. 1280 ft., 38.789708 -77.842629, 390m

Yale University Herbarium, Peabody Museum of Natural History (Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History-YU)

YU.137609Miss Cora Leadbetter   1901-08-28
United States of America, Colorado, Larimer, Eaton, 40.53026 -104.71136

Indiana Photographic Scavenger Hunt

Rothrock, Paul   2022-05-23
United States, Indiana, Shelby, Shelbyville, utility right-of-way, between Knaufe Greenway trail and Big Blue River, 39.530946 -85.775573

General Research Observations

Thomas S. McFadden   1052015-05-30
United States, Kentucky, Madison, On west side of foot bridge within 1 meter of the bridge, 37.716389 -84.296111

Thomas S. McFadden   1202015-07-15
United States, Kentucky, Madison, Entrance area, north of sign in box along fence under large Acer negundo., 37.716389 -84.295833

Page 38, records 3701-3715 of 3715

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