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Taxa: Epilobium palustre (Epilobium lineare, Epilobium oliganthum, Epilobium palustre var. grammadophyllum, Epilobium palustre var. labradoricum, Epilobium palustre var. lapponicum, Epilobium palustre var. longirameum, Epilobium palustre var. oliganthum, Epilobium pylaieanum, Epilobium wyomingense, Epilob... (show all)
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Yukon University Herbarium

4517   1972-07-17
Canada, Yukon Territory, Dempster Hwy, Milpst 19

4518   1972-07-16
Canada, Yukon Territory, Dempster Hwy, Blackstone pingo, 64.85 138.433333, 991m

4975Val A. Loewen   94-11994-07-24
Canada, Yukon Territory, Eagle Plains, 67.15 -137.383333

6124Catherine E. Kennedy   1995-08-19
Canada, Yukon Territory, Thunder Mtn, 60.541944 -128.405278, 1400m

6421   1994-08-08
Canada, Yukon Territory, La Biche River, 60.52 124.732778, 830m

7004Rhonda Rosie   6451978-07-22
Canada, Yukon Territory, Dempster Hwy, approx mile 74, 1070m

7005Rhonda Rosie   4901977-08-28
Canada, Yukon Territory, Mayo

ASU-NEON Terrestrial Plant Collection (Herbarium Vouchers)

NEON05YB5L.M. Petrauski   LP0092021-07-01
United States, Alaska, Denali, Domain 19, Healy NEON, 63.87421 -149.25412, 677m

NEON07QRPLori Petrauski (ORCID 0000-0003-1678-1246)   2022-08-16
United States, Alaska, Denali, Taiga (D19), Healy NEON (HEAL), 63.86871 -149.25041, 684 - 684m

General Research Observations

Walter Fertig   189091999-08-15
U.S.A., Wyoming, Albany, Laramie Basin: south shore of Meeboer Lake, ca 1.2 mi NW of Wyo Hwy 230; ca 4.2 mi E of east end of Lake Hattie; ca 12 air mi SW of Laramie. T14N R75W S4 SE4 of SW4 of NW4, 41.212068 -105.821623, 2210m

Walter Fertig   161991995-08-04
U.S.A., Wyoming, Albany, Laramie Range: South Branch North Fork Crow Creek, ca 3 mi upstream of Upper North Crow Reservoir, on west side of Wyo Hwy 210, ca 3 air mi W of Laramie County., 41.214895 -105.339323, 2409m

Walter Fertig   177871997-07-31
U.S.A., Wyoming, Teton, Jackson Hole: wetland ca 0.15 mi S of Nowlin Pond #1 (southernmost of string of 4 ponds) along northeast side of gravel road at northeast end of Millers Butte, ca 2 3/4 mi NE of Jackson, ca 2.2 mi E of U.S. Hwy 26/89/187., 43.5188 -110.7159, 1921m

Walter Fertig   178961997-08-03
U.S.A., Wyoming, Teton, Jackson Hole: wetland complex on east bank of Flat Creek, ca 0.6 mi E of the Jackson National Fish Hatchery; ca 0.8 mi E of U.S. Hwy 26, 89, 187; ca 1-1.5 mi N of Millers Butte., 43.533529 -110.720809, 1915m

Walter Fertig   179091997-08-04
U.S.A., Wyoming, Teton, Jackson Hole: easternmost slough of Flat Creek at south end of Millers Butte in vicinity of Millers Springs, ca 1 mi E of U.S. Hwy 26, 89, 187; ca 1 mi NNE of Jackson., 43.497708 -110.741923, 1893m

Walter Fertig   179151997-08-05
U.S.A., Wyoming, Teton, Jackson Hole: wetland on west bank of Flat Creek just NE of large spring on flats at base of north-south ridge N of Jackson National Fish Hatchery below confluence of Flat Creek and outflow from Gros Ventre River via the aqueduct E of Peterson Springs., 43.544704 -110.727797, 1915m

Walter Fertig   191402000-07-13
U.S.A., Wyoming, Carbon, Great Divide Basin: small pond in depression at north end of sand dune complex 2.25 air mi N of Table Mountain; ca 2.25 mi S of Ferrris; ca 12 mi E of U.S. Hwy 287., 42.1667 -107.1817, 2097m

Page 26, records 2501-2516 of 2516

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