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Taxa: Zigadenus elegans (Zygadenus elegans), Zigadenus elegans subsp. glaucus, Zigadenus elegans var. glaucus, Zigadenus elegans var. elegans
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Yukon University Herbarium

5707Catherine E. Kennedy   378012002-07-17
Canada, Yukon Territory, Fort Selkirk, 62.776111 -137.393333

5609William J. Cody   358201999-07-06
Canada, Yukon Territory, Lapie River bridge, 61.916667 -132.6

7120Rhonda Rosie   4871977-08-02
Canada, Yukon Territory, Ferry Hill, near Stewart Crossing, 63.416667 -136.683333, 615m

7121E. T. Oswald   1975-07-09
Canada, Yukon Territory, Kluane Glacier

7157Bruce A. Bennett   00-5152000-08-03
Canada, Yukon Territory, Vuntut National Park | Dog Creek camp, 69.464158 -139.063851, 447m

7766Bruce A. Bennett   03-3702007-07-01
Canada, Yukon Territory, Keele Range ~ 80 km SW of Old Crow | Basecamp Mountain, 66.96724 -140.80138, 783m

8002Bruce A. Bennett   07-982007-06-23
Canada, Yukon Territory, Mount Klotz, Ogilive Mountains, 65.362624 -140.183516, 1164m

ASU-NEON Terrestrial Plant Collection (Herbarium Vouchers)

NEON05P2QA.J. Wynne-Ballard   Aw0072021-06-24
United States, Alaska, Southeast Fairbanks, Domain 19, Delta Junction NEON, 63.93089 -145.75294, 517m

NEON05P51E.R. Whitney   ERW-2019-0762019-07-08
United States, Alaska, Southeast Fairbanks, Domain 19, Delta Junction Site, Near Fort Greely, 63.88352 -145.74059, 507m

General Research Observations

Marc A. Baker   155212003-08-15
USA, NEW MEXICO, Otero County, Hoosier Canyon, Sacramento Mountains, 8km SW of Sacramento, 36km SE of Alamogordo, 32.74 -105.62, 2500m

LCDI001337Isaac Jensen   1506162016-06-16
United States, Iowa, Howard, 43.44046 -92.38163

Walter Fertig   194542001-05-31
U.S.A., Montana, Carbon, East slope Pryor Mountains: south tributary of Layout Creek, ca 1.5 mi W of Layout Creek Ranger Station., 45.091589 -108.291773, 1585 - 1707m

USUUB018955Sandra Robins   171182017-07-13
USA, Utah, Uintah, Ashley National Forest; Uinta Mountains, east of Dyer Mountain and 3.5 miles south of East Park Reservoir along FR 022., 40.731864 -109.541575, 2649m

RINK, GLENN   150892018-06-29
United States, Arizona, Coconino, bottom of Willow Valley Canyon, 34.58591 -111.39569, 1951m

Kristian R. Valles   802015-08-17
United states, Utah, 39.11241 -111.464763

Walter Fertig   251222009-08-18
United States, Utah, Iron, Markagunt Plateau: Cedar Mountain, Cedar Breaks National Monument, swamp on terrace bank on south side of Ashdown Canyon at confluence of Ashdown Creek and Rattle Creek. T36S R9W S27 SW4 SW4, 37.63419 -112.869799, 2469m

Heidi M. Simper   712019-07-19
USA, Idaho, Blaine, Within Guy Canyon of Rock Creek Ranch. Turn North on Rock Creek Road from Hwy 20. In about 4.3 miles, turn left at the barn. Go past the barn and through the gate. Turn left after the gate., 43.392903 -114.4111, 1572m

Rink, G.   166702020-07-22
USA, Arizona, Greenlee, tributary to Fish Creek, 33.67562 -109.40649, 2499m

G. Rink   167152020-07-30
USA, Arizona, Apache, Tunitcha Mountains, western tributary to Tsaile Creek, near Road 681, 36.39685 -109.12074, 2560m

Garrett G. Billings   5212020-05-04
United States, Utah, San Juan, Off of Lockhart Basin Rd, near the Colorado River., 38.4575 -109.66791

Leila M. Shultz   19,6662004-07-16
United States, New Mexico, Taos, Taos Mountain ski area, Sangre De Christo Mountains, 36.586944 -105.451667, 1801m

G. Rink   169442021-07-13
USA, Wyoming, Teton, South Leigh Creek, 43.82162 -110.9868, 2073m

Page 39, records 3801-3822 of 3822

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