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Taxa: Anthemis cotula (Maruta cotula)
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General Research Observations

Jason W. Baker   6652017-07-22
USA, Utah, Wasatch, Collected near the south easter portion of the Bonanza Flat property within open areas in an Aspen stand., 40.60212 -111.527651, 2680m

Walter Fertig   331242018-07-17
USA, Washington, Whitman, Columbia Plateau: Steptoe Butte, NW slopes of butte, west of Steptoe State Park boundary on slopes below lower radio tower facility. T18N R44E S30 NE4 NW4 NE4, 47.034278 -117.308111, 866m

Walter Fertig   339912019-07-17
USA, Washington, Whitman, Columbia Plateau: valley of the Snake River, head of Nisqually John Canyon, E of Wawawai River Road and Granite Lake, ca 9 air miles NW of Clarkston. T12N R44E S24 SW4 NE4 NE4., 46.51145 -117.231717, 244m

WJH002394Bill Harms   7841980-07-18
United States, Washington, Pend Oreille, near Phay Road and Bunge Road, near Camden, 48.067684 -117.259578, 730m

Garrett Billings   
United States, Alabama, Jackson, detailed locality information protected

iNaturalist Observations

NJH   352015-03-23
United States, Arkansas, Monroe, same as collect 33, 34.537213 -91.184345

Zachary Hays   92016-04-24
United States, Arkansas, Craighead, turning next to the Gamble Furniture store 2 miles east of HWY 49 on Farville Rd, then south about .34 miles on the left side of the road next to a gravel lot with silos, 35.859804 -90.579604

Page 53, records 5201-5207 of 5207

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