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Taxa: Paronychia sessiliflora
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Western State Colorado University

WSC0009379Melanie Arnett   44641999-06-22
United States, Colorado, Gunnison, ca 1.5-2 air mi NE of Stubbs Gulch, ca 6 air mi W of Flat Top; ca 4-5 air mi ESE of Gunnison. SE1/4 S19; aso SW1/4 S20, S29, and NE1/4 S30. Sagebrush shrubland in rolling hills with limestone outcroppings., 38.529874 -106.917891, 2481 - 2646m

Yale University Herbarium, Peabody Museum of Natural History (Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History-YU)

YU.117692George R. Vasey   1868-00-00
United States of America, Colorado, Rocky Mountains, between latitudes 39° - 41°, 40.072173 -105.653247

YU.117693Townshend Stith Brandegee   6861873-00-00
United States of America, Colorado, Fremont, Canyon City, 38.4450108 -105.2290295

YU.117709George Washington Letterman   1884-07-30
United States of America, Wyoming, Albany, 2510m

General Research Observations

G. Rink   5493-a2011-06-22
USA, ARIZONA, Coconino County, Atoko Point, 36.211011 -111.932748, 2560m

G. Rink   106492011-06-22
USA, ARIZONA, Coconino County, Grand Canyon National Park, Atoko Point, 36.211011 -111.932748, 2560m

Walter Fertig   72191991-06-05
USA, Wyoming, Albany, Laramie Basin: Laramie, open field directly north of Wal-Mart Plaza on Grand Avenue., 41.3115 -105.5452, 2195m

G. Rink   129412014-09-08
USA, Utah, Garfield, Glen Canyon NRA, top of the Hat, 3 miles west of Flint Seep, 38.14843 -110.19085, 2012m

M. Licher   50732015-07-31
USA, Utah, Garfield County, Ridge to north of N. Fork of South Creek, approx 1 mile east of McMillan Spring Campground, Henry Mountains., 38.0615 -110.829806, 2798m

Walter Fertig   286182013-06-30
United States, Utah, Emery, San Rafael Swell: East rim of Red Draw west of Cliff Dweller Flat, ca 2.5 miles S of Interstate 15 at Sagebrush Bench, 5.5 miles W of San Rafael Reef. T22S R12E S34 SE4 of SW4 of NE4., 38.86105 -110.585309, 1974m

Walter Fertig   287122013-07-25
United States, Wyoming, Fremont, South Pass at south end of the Wind River Range, ca 1 mile W of WY Hwy 28, ca 4 miles NE of the Sweetwater River, ca 25 miles SSW of Lander., 42.44749 -108.876345, 2448m

Walter Fertig   187451999-07-04
U.S.A., Wyoming, Carbon, Shirley Basin: southwest side and summit of Chalk Mountains, ca 5 air mi SW of junction of Wyo Hwys 77 and 487, ca 11.5 air mi N of the Shriley Mountains., 42.3546 -106.4808, 2378m

Blake Wellard   6672016-06-28
United States, Utah, Millard, Tunnel Springs Mountains, 38.734708 -113.767993, 2377m

UTC00283406Leila M. Shultz   79911984-07-02
United States, Utah, Wayne, Rabbit Valley; north of Black Ridge and east of Government Creek, 38.25 -111.5, 7100 - 7350m

WJH000624Bill Harms   14121981-07-18
United States, Utah, Sevier, Fishlake National Forest, along FR007, head of Pin Hollow, 38.919147 -111.445636, 2454 - 2484m

Page 13, records 1201-1215 of 1215

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