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Taxa: Gaillardia aristata (Gaillardia hallii, Gaillardia aristata var. foliacea)
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Washington State University Marion Ownbey Herbarium

385812Craig S. Smith   LA 9021982-06-29
United States, Idaho, Nez Perce, Blue Lake near Waha, Idaho.

388978Rick McNeill   23152008-07-16
United States, Montana, Lewis and Clark, Lewis and Clark National Forest: Front Range: Smith Creek Trail head at end of Forest Road 3318, ca 8 air mi ESE of Benchmark airstrip., 47.39325 -112.6596

390384David Giblin   57702015-09-17
United States, Washington, Franklin, Hanford National Wildlife Refuge. Wahluke Unit. Parking Lot 7 Boat Launch, approximately 0.5 kilometers south along east bank of Columbia River., 46.58451 -119.36526

394396J.D. Menzies   IES 2271947-05-28
United States, Washington, Grant, 3.5m west of Ephrata on hiway to Quincy.

394393J.D. Menzies   IES 3951951-05-09
United States, Washington, Franklin, Shore of Columbia River below Pasco Project.

394394Carl Nelson   171954-07-01
United States, Washington, Benton, Hillside south of Prosser.

394395S. Taylor   s.n.1981-05-00
United States, Washington, Kittitas, About 1 1/2 miles north of Wanapum dam. West side of Columbia River.

394245J.J. Davis   s.n.1953-05-11
United States, Washington, Benton, Hanford Works Reservation (Sta. F-1).

394244R.C. Pendleton   s.n.1958-09-10
United States, Washington, Benton, F1 Gravel Bar, Columbia River.

394246R. Sauer   730530-111975-05-30
United States, Washington, Benton, Island 18, Columbia River, Hanford Reservation.

394240R. Sauer   750530-11975-05-30
United States, Island 18, Columbia River.

394247R. Sauer   750807-181975-08-07
United States, Washington, Benton, Island 12, Columbia River, Hanford Reservation, Richland.

394241JL Warren   s.n.1980-05-00
[No location information.]

394243JL Warren   s.n.1980-05-06
United States, Washington, Benton, Island 19, Columbia River.

394242R. Sauer   s.n.1980-05-15
United States, Washington, Benton, Along Columbia River North and South of WPPSS, between power towers.

M.R. Sackschewsky   931991-05-20
United States, Washington, Benton, Hanford site: Two miles north of 100-D area.

M.R. Sackschewsky   2081992-04-15
United States, Washington, Benton, Near Allard Pumphouse.

C. McKinnon   3541993-05-25
United States, Washington, Benton, Old Hanford Townsite. Along Columbia River.

330842Judy Schuler   251974-04-25
United States, Washington, Grant, Highway 243, 1/4 mile west of Vernita Bridge junction., 46.64297 -119.743247

399000Wade R. Roberts   4732017-06-29
United States, Washington, Whitman, Smoot Hill, Hudson Biological Reserve. Northwest corner behind barn., 46.82971 -117.238244

396594Bryan Ness   1281983-05-05
United States, Washington, Grant, N side of Columbia River, 1 mile W of Vernita Bridge, S of Hwy 243. T13N R24E S1 SE4, 46.63944 -119.75155, 137 - 146m

397114John Bassett   2019-222019-06-14
United States, Washington, Okanogan, Sinlahekin Wildlife Area. Sinlahekin Road approximately 7 km northeast of Conconully., 48.617574 -119.710264

401407Walter Fertig   351742021-06-11
United States, Washington, Asotin, Blue Mountains Ecoregion: west shore of Snake River, 0.8 miles NE of Captain Lewis Rapids and due west of mouth of Camp Creek (Idaho), 2 air miles NE of confluence with Grande Ronde River. T7N R47E S7 NE4 NE4, 46.103704 -116.955696, 256m

404542June Haines   45721985-07-02
United States, Wyoming, Carbon, Northern side of the Ferris Mountains: along Little Cherry Creek and slopes above Little Cherry Creek, ca 6 air mi SE of Muddy Gap Junction (Three Forks)., 42.30634 -107.349495, 2195 - 2500m

West Texas A&M University Herbarium

WTS0014034John A. Churchill, M. D.   76714131976-07-14
United States, Washington, Okanogan, Winthrop, field above Sullivan Pond ca. 4 miles east of town

WTS0014035Paula Miller   331969-05-10
United States, Texas, Hockley, vacant lot 500 block of 14th Street Levelland

WTS0014036Tim Hogan   26271995-07-01
United States, Colorado, Boulder, Sunshine Canyon; T1N, R71W, SE ¼ S22; roadside ca. 2.5 miles west of Boulder, 1951m

WTS0014037Naia H. Burkey   31953-07-02
United States, Utah, Utah, Rose garden, B. Y. U, Provo

WTS0014038K. Thorne, B. Neely   20041982-06-13
United States, Utah, Uintah, T4S, R25E, S15; Blue Mountain, head of Iron Spring, 2134m

WTS0014039E. Neese   142581983-07-08
United States, Utah, Daggett, T1N, R25E, S9; Browns Park, above Swallow Cyn, 1750m

WTS0014040Larry C. Higgins   80041973-08-04
United States, Colorado, Boulder, Gold Hill 15 miles west of Boulder

West Virginia Wesleyan College, George B. Rossbach Herbarium

WVW002103S. J. Harvey   770041977-06-16
United States, Montana, Lewis & Clark, Sun River Game Range, Swazey Hill Lake, Lewis & Clark Co., 1463m

WVW002104George B. Rossbach   1431954-09-13
United States, Montana, Lincoln, junct. Yaak and Kootenai RIvers

Western Illinois University, ​R. M. Myers Herbarium

MWI00027713Boldrey, Tom   1966-07-07
USA, Colorado, Larimer, Roosevelt National Forest, West Lake

Western New Mexico University, Dale A. Zimmerman Herbarium

33341W. R. Norris, A. Flanders, E. Kaido, R. Kleinman, K. Nakakihara, M. Rude, M. Widrlechner   2023-07-11-212023-07-11
USA, New Mexico, Grant, East side of Ridge Road near the intersection of Lance Drive., 32.737291 -108.274959, 1790m

33421W.R. Norris, J. Spinti, M. Rude   2023-6-20-72023-06-20
USA, New Mexico, Grant, Ridge Road just south of Fairway, 32.739821 -108.275212, 1815m

Western State Colorado University

WSC0002346Ralph K. Gierisch   30191965-06-25
United States, Colorado, Jefferson, Rocky Flats; vic. Arapaho. Sec 17, T 2S, R 70W, 39.903089 -105.189162

WSC0003584David J. Fassler   61968-06-17
United States, Colorado, Gunnison, 2 miles north of Gunnison on Colo. 135, 38.571733 -106.922274, 2347m

WSC0005693Pete Hay   921966-07-05
United States, Colorado, Gunnison, Rocky River Resort., 38.610293 -106.887089, 2347m

WSC0007978B. Woods   581980-06-13
United States, Colorado, Boulder, Foothills roadside.

WSC0007611Jim Atkinson   1969-06-20
United States, Colorado, Park, Sullivan Rd. - Harris Park, 39.511656 -105.49111, 2560m

WSC0008759Stacey Cooke   101995-05-20
United States, Colorado, Delta, 10 miles west of Delta on Hwy. 50, south on Escalante Canyon Rd. West facing slope, rocky sandy soil. Associated ssp. Sagebrush., 38.74149 -108.266262, 830m

WSC0009405Melanie Arnett   77741999-08-27
United States, Colorado, Gunnison, Along Colo Hwy 114, ca 5 road mi S of intersection with U.S. Hwy 50; ca 1.2 air mi N of Kreuger Ranch. SW 1/4 S33. Roadside, 38.455846 -106.758372, 2438m

William & Mary Herbarium

16635Wieboldt, Thomas F   14541973-07-28
United States, Utah, Daggett, Buck Draw near jct of Red Canyon and Eagle Creek; Flaming Gorge Recreation Area, 2225m

Yale University Herbarium, Peabody Museum of Natural History (Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History-YU)

YU.159340May Stilwell   1892-00-00
United States of America, South Dakota, Lawrence, Deadwood, 44.376651 -103.729642

YU.159341William Cleburne   1875-08-06
United States of America, Wyoming, Albany

YU.159344Albert Spear Hitchcock   7391896-00-00
United States of America, Kansas, Harper

YU.159345Elihu Hall; J. P. Harbour   1862-00-00
United States of America, Rocky Mountains, between latitudes 39° - 41°

YU.159346Jacob Hoover Cowen   1895-06-20
United States of America, Colorado, Larimer, hills northwest of Soldier Canyon, 40.58498 -105.193003, 1829m

YU.159347W. F. Marshall   29021899-06-13
United States of America, Colorado, Larimer, Soldier Canyon, 40.588275 -105.176723

YU.159348Charles Spencer Crandall   1896-07-01
United States of America, Colorado, Larimer, Stove Prairie Hill, 40.617483 -105.372682

YU.159357Elihu Hall; J. P. Harbour   1862-00-00
United States of America, Sub Lat. 39° - 41°

YU.159358Charles Christopher Parry   1861-00-00
United States of America, Colorado, from the headwaters of Clear Creek, and the alpine ridges lying east of "Middle Park", 39.89507 -105.69594

YU.159361George R. Vasey   1868-00-00
Rocky Mountains, Lat 40°-41°

YU.159362George Mercer Dawson   1881-07-20
United States of America, Rocky Mountains, Belly River

YU.159363Mrs. Almon Harris Thompson [Ellen Powell Thompson]   3671872-00-00
United States of America, Utah

Arizona State University Pollen Collection

1595J. Schoenwetter   1595
Canada, Alberta, Waterton Park

ASU-NEON Terrestrial Plant Collection (Herbarium Vouchers)

NEON09QLKMichael Griffin (ORCID 0000-0002-7424-8717)   2023-06-29
United States, Colorado, Larimer, Central Plains (D10), Rocky Mountains NEON (RMNP), 40.275903 -105.545955, 2742m

General Research Observations

Walter Fertig   124371991-09-08
USA, Wyoming, Albany, Laramie Range: vicinity of Tie City Campground, ca 8 air mi ESE of Laramie., 41.020129 -105.757215, 2652m

Jason W. Baker   2372006-06-28
United States, Utah, Uintah, Drive east from Vernal on US-40 for 13 miles onto UT-149 for 14 miles to Blue Mountain Road for approximately 7 miles., 40.37061 -109.13269, 2438m

000185Gary B Murray   1953-05-28
United States, Montana, Hill, Squaw Butte

000268L.W. Hagener   1981-05-27
USA, Montana, Hill, Upper Bear's Paw Mountains

000238Ray N. McCann   1920-08-05
USA, Colorado, Larimer, Plains

000227R. Aro   1956-06-23
USA, Montana, Gallatin, 5 miles E of Bozeman - Old Fort Ellis

Walter Fertig   196562001-07-01
U.S.A., Wyoming, Albany, Laramie Range: east slope of Sherman Mountains along Headquarters Trail, ca 0.2 mi W of the Blair-Wallis Road and 2.5 mi E of I-80 at the Lincoln Rest Area., 41.220717 -105.392553, 2621m

Walter Fertig   329812018-07-13
USA, Washington, Columbia, Blue Mountains: south end of Chase Mountain, off FS Road 6437, 0.1 mi N of North Fork Touchet River Road (FS 64), ca 1.2 miles NW of Bluewood Ski Area, ca 6.5 miles N of the Oregon state line. T7N R39E S12 NW4 SW4 SE4 NW4., 46.09478 -117.87599, 1512m

Walter Fertig   331002018-07-16
USA, Washington, Asotin, East foothills of Blue Mountains, lower slopes of ridge on east side of mouth of Sourdough Gulch and its confluence with Lick Creek and Lickfork Road, ca 3.2 air miles WSW of junction of Lickfork Road and South Fork Road, 2 miles N of Shooting Iron Ridge. T9N R43E S13 SE4 NW4 SE4 NE4, 46.258333 -117.359861, 856m

WJH000265Bill Harms   221972-07-06
United States, Washington, Spokane, 2213 North Vista Road, 47.677322 -117.294258, 600m

WJH002622Bill Harms   12021981-06-11
United States, Washington, Spokane, Below Upriver Dam on north side of river, 47.686161 -117.329864, 575m

D. Gentilcore   23142021-05-31
United States, Utah, Emery, Near Wild Horse Trailhead. 500 m SW of intersection of Temple Mtn Rd and Goblin Valley Rd, 38.650908 -110.658234, 1622m

Walter Fertig   351742021-06-11
United States, Washington, Asotin, Blue Mountains Ecoregion: west shore of Snake River, 0.8 miles NE of Captain Lewis Rapids and due west of mouth of Camp Creek (Idaho), 2 air miles NE of confluence with Grande Ronde River. T7N R47E S7 NE4 NE4, 46.103704 -116.955696, 256m

Glenn Rink   181472024-06-28
USA, Idaho, Twin Falls, Northeast of Twin Falls, north side of Clover Creek (canal) west of road S 1250 E, 42.688857 -114.282795, 1204m

Southwest Seed Partnership

NMSO-411S. Larkin   NM930-4702018-09-18
United States, New Mexico, Los Alamos, Hwy 4 roadside, White Rock, NMDOT, 35.8127574 -106.23792212, 1981m

Page 32, records 3101-3173 of 3173

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