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Taxa: Artemisia borealis, Artemisia borealis subsp. purshii, Artemisia borealis var. latisecta, Artemisia borealis var. purshii, Artemisia borealis subsp. borealis (Artemisia borealis var. wormskioldii), Artemisia borealis subsp. richardsoniana
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University of Vermont, Pringle Herbarium

UVMVT328047S.B. Young   5507
United States, Alaska

UVMVT328048S.B. Young   4273
United States, Alaska

Utah Valley University Herbarium

1983-0005/1J.G. Harris   17892006-09-25
Greenland, Sondre Stromfjord area, ca. 2.5 km E of airfield, along river., 66.990278 -50.685833

Washington State University Marion Ownbey Herbarium

38495F.A. Warren   3711924-07-05
United States, Idaho, Boundary, Snowy Top Mountain. Side canyon., 48.99222 -116.98583

93581J. William Thompson   110221934-07-21
United States, Washington, Jefferson, [Olympic Mountains] Iron Mountain., 47.828429 -123.110109

133641Wilhelm N. Suksdorf   16121886-04-14
United States, Oregon, Wasco, River-bank at Grants.

133787Wilhelm N. Suksdorf   26861896-04-23
United States, Washington, Klickitat, Bingen (rare)., 45.715 -121.46333

133786Wilhelm N. Suksdorf   26851896-05-27
United States, Washington, Klickitat, Bingen (rare)., 45.715 -121.46333

133788Wilhelm N. Suksdorf   16081878-04-14
United States, Washington, Klickitat, Sandy bank of the Columbia River, at Bingen., 45.715 -121.46333

133591Wilhelm N. Suksdorf   2685, 26861896-03-22
United States, Washington, Klickitat, Bingen., 45.715 -121.46333

230606C.L. Hitchcock   s.n.1955-05-28
United States, Oregon, Sherman, Dunes on west side of John Day River near its mouth., 45.727417 -120.650996

106715M.E. Peck   46421914-04-07
United States, Oregon, Wasco, The Dalles., 45.59472 -121.1775

West Texas A&M University Herbarium

WTS0010045Larry C. Higgins   80531973-08-08
United States, Colorado, Clear Creek, Mount Evans, on the east slope.

West Virginia Wesleyan College, George B. Rossbach Herbarium

WVW000261George B. Rossbach   45081962-07-22
Canada, Quebec, Tableland of Mt. Albert, Gaspé

WVW024046George B. Rossbach   68251965-07-26
Canada, Northwest Territories, Keewatin, Nw. shore of Schultz Lake, about 3 mi. ne. of upper end & 2 mi. se. of Whalebone Hill, Keewatin, 64.75 -97.816667

WVW024047George B. Rossbach   69581965-07-30
Canada, Northwest Territories, Keewatin, Baker Lake village, Keewatin, 64.316667 -96.033333

Western State Colorado University

WSC0001532Loder   24YLN1963-07-06
United States, Colorado, Gunnison, [No locality data provided on the label.]

Yale University Herbarium, Peabody Museum of Natural History (Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History-YU)

YU.156151Charles Christopher Parry   1882-00-00
United States of America, Rocky Mountains

YU.156152Charles Christopher Parry   1861-00-00
United States of America, Colorado, from the headwaters of Clear Creek, and the alpine ridges lying east of "Middle Park", 39.89507 -105.69594

YU.156165Frank Tweedy   1894-08-00
United States of America, Colorado, San Miguel, headwaters of San Miguel River, 37.92763 -107.77676, 3505m

Yukon University Herbarium

1534Catherine E. Kennedy   1551988-07-26
Canada, Yukon Territory, Firth River, 69.5 -139.5, 3m

1794Catherine E. Kennedy   4231988-08-12
Canada, Yukon Territory, Sheep Mtn, 69.166667 -140.183333, 560m

General Research Observations

J.McGrath   14352015-07-18
United States, Colorado, San Juan, Placer Gulch, 37.90549 -107.59619, 3871m

Page 10, records 901-923 of 923

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