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Arizona State University Vascular Plant Herbarium

ASU0093845T. Reeves   5351974-07-12
USA, Arizona, Gila, Sitgreaves National Forest; 18.6 mi. west of Heber, Hwy. 260, 34.303734 -110.909657

ASU0093847J.W. Toumey   4351892-07-23
USA, Arizona, Coconino, Flagstaff, 35.1981 -111.6518

ASU0093850Taylor   45891967-09-23
USA, Arizona, Coconino, Lake #2 (east of Woods Canyon Lake), 34.3394 -110.952

ASU0093851Nabors   1952-07-12
USA, Arizona, Coconino, Flagstaff, 35.1866 -111.618

ASU0093853Glendening   121941-08-22
USA, Arizona, Coconino, Fry Park, 35.062627 -111.782272, 1981m

ASU0094567T. Reeves   78801985-09-21
United States, New Mexico, McKinley, Zuni Mts. Summit of McKenzie Ridge. USGS Ciniza Quad. (7.5') 2 air miles S of Sixmile Spring.

Brigham Young University, S. L. Welsh Herbarium

BRYV0067650James L. Reveal   44921976-06-19
U.S.A., Idaho, Lemhi, 2.7 miles south-southeast of Salmon and 0.5 miles west of Idaho Highway 28 on the lower slopes of Lemhi River., 1402m

BRYV0067653Angela C. Sondenaa   1571995-06-24
U.S.A., Idaho, Idaho, Approx. 5 mi S of Grangeville along Hwy 95., 1890m

BRYV0067819M. Madsen   35572007-06-28
U.S.A., Utah, Sevier, Sheep Valley near round pasture, Fishlake Plateau. Loa Ranger District/Fishlake Natl. Forest., 38.70311 -111.56426, 2865m

BRYV0067656Sarah Nunn   17792001-06-21
U.S.A., Colorado, Larimer, Roosevelt National Forest: Front Range: 38 air mi NW of Fort Collins., 2560m

BRYV0067658Ronald L. Hartman   716642001-06-28
U.S.A., New Mexico, Sandoval, Valles Caldera National Preserve, Rito de los Indios, ca 2.3 air mi NE of intersection with the pipeline., 35.99583 -106.46805, 2682 - 2774m

BRYV0067657B. E. Nelson   532842001-06-27
U.S.A., Colorado, Routt, North-central Colorado: Park Range: at the junciton of Bedrock and Tennessee Creeks, along Beeler Gulch and vicinity, ca 35.5 air mi NNW of Steamboat Springs., 2231 - 2262m

BRYV0067659Ronald L. Hartman   725472001-07-23
U.S.A., New Mexico, Sandoval, Valles Caldera National Preserve: southwest half of Rincon de los Soldados from extreme southeast spur of Cerro del Medio to the NE., 35.8773 -106.44405, 2621 - 2652m

BRYV0067660J. F. Smith   82242009-07-10
U.S.A., Idaho, Custer, Pioneer Mountains, Fall Creek trail avove waterfall, west side of creek., 43.84978 -114.05973, 2321m

BRYV0067661Laura E. Lukas   92312009-06-23
U.S.A., Wyoming, Carbon, Medicine Bow Mountains: W of Prospect Mountain and Deerhorn Point, along and SE of BLM Road 3423, ca 18 air mi SE of Encampment and ca 8 air mi N of Colorado., 41.1152 -106.4852, 2434m

BRYV0071049Reed C. Rollins   51921951-07-12
U.S.A., Colorado, Gunnison, Ten miles Sw of Gunnison., 2316m

BRYV0067995Lynn Marie Moore   66731995-07-10
U.S.A., Colorado, Dolores, Upper Dolores River Drainage and Adjaent Areas: San Juan National Forest: ca 17 air mi NE of Dolores in the Mavreeso Canyon area, Forest Road 209. Also S30., 2469 - 2743m

BRYV0067993N. Duane Atwood   314422006-06-20
U.S.A., Idaho, Butte, Craters of the Moon National Monument; Upper Cottonwood Creek., 43.4849 -113.60981, 2256m

BRYV0067992K. Moon   3072005-06-07
U.S.A., Wyoming, Uinta, Ca. 7.5 mi. n. of the Hornets Nest, ca. 0.5 air mi. e. of the Woodruff Narrows Reservoir., 41.46466 -110.99133, 2006m

BRYV0067991K. Moon   5852005-06-20
U.S.A., Wyoming, Lincoln, Ca. 5 air mi. ne. of Sage Junction, ca. 19.5 air mil n.nw. of Kemmerer., 41.85533 -110.89466, 2169m

BRYV0060413Steve L. OÕKane Jr.   76682004-07-13
U.S.A., Colorado, Hinsdale, East of Flint lake on rocky bench below ÒGunsightÓ Pass., 37.63444 -107.42888, 3676m

BRYV0067994N. Duane Atwood   314502006-06-20
U.S.A., Idaho, Butte, Craters of the Moon National Monument; upper Cottonwood Creek., 43.4849 -113.60981, 2256m

California Botanic Garden Herbarium

RSA0000089C. F. Baker   4791898-07-14
United States, Colorado, La Plata, Upper La Plata Canon., 3049 - 3415m

California Polytechnic State University, Robert F. Hoover Herbarium

OBI143901David J. Keil   218361991-06-26
United States, Wyoming, Albany, Medicine Bow National Forest. 1.7 miles NW of Blair Rd. undercrossing on frontage road to I-80, W of Hwy., 2600m

Carnegie Museum of Natural History Herbarium

CM424407Baker, C.F.   4791898-07-14
United States, Colorado, La Plata, Upper La Plata Canon

CM109384Clokey, I.W.   37471920-08-01
United States, Colorado, Teller, Cripple Creek, 3170m

CM298544Ownbey, M.   GN 211942-06-10
United States, Washington, Whitman, 1.5 mi E of Pullman, grown at Pullman, WA, 46.73127 -117.147934

CM298609Owbey, M.   GN 981945-06-02
United States, Idaho, Idaho, 5 mi SE of Cottonwood, grown at Pullman, WA, 45.997279 -116.275835

CM298645Ownbey, M.   GN 2361945-08-01
United States, Arizona, Coconino, Navajo Ordinance Depot, Flagstaff [Bellemont], grown at Pullman WA, 2195m

CM298719Ownbey, M.   GN 1141945-06-14
United States, Washington, Whitman, along Cedar Creek, 4 mi S of Garfield, grown at Pullman, WA

CM298732Ownbey, M.   GN 1641945-05-31
United States, Washington, Whitman, about 3 mi below outlet of Rock Lake, Rock Creek, grown at Pullman, WA

CM298735Ownbey, M.   GN 1461945-06-14
United States, Wyoming, Albany, 0.5 mi below University of Wyoming Summer Camp, Medicine Bow Mts, grown at Pullman, WA

CM298739Ownbey, M.   GN 1431945-06-15
United States, Wyoming, Albany, along Little Laramie River, 5 mi E of Centennial, grown at Pullman, WA, 41.298265 -106.045238

CM298743Ownbey, M.   GN 1491945-06-02
United States, Washington, Whitman, at S end of Rock Lake, grown at Pullman, WA

CM298751Ownbey, M.   GN 1681945-06-02
United States, Washington, Lincoln, Mohler, grown at Pullman, WA, 47.404875 -118.329144

CM424222Clokey, I.W.   37471920-08-01
United States, Colorado, Teller, Cripple Creek, 3170m

Chadron State College, High Plains Herbarium

CSCN-V-0001749Steven B. Rolfsmeier   175292004-06-19
United States, Wyoming, Albany, Laramie, 6 mi N, 13.5 mi W. Laramie Basin. N side of Wyo. hwy 12., 41.395556 -105.848333, 2187 - 2188m

CSCN-V-0001750Susan J. Rolfsmeier   8202004-06-25
United States, Wyoming, Uinta, Robertson, 1.1 mi N, 3.4 mi W. Along County Rd 275, 1.1 mi N of Wyo. hwy 410., 41.1206 -110.2843, 2249 - 2256m

Colorado State University, Charles Maurer Herbarium

198901D. L. Denham M. L. Denham   842241984-07-18
USA, Colorado, Teller, 4 miles south of Victor above Teller Rd. 67., 2926m

201485D. L. Denham & M. L. Denham   841401984-07-18
United States, Colorado, Teller, open slope, ca. 3 miles NNE of Victor., 3048m

Deaver Herbarium (Northern Arizona University)

ASC00043879J. Ricketson   35491985-08-17
United States, Arizona, Coconino, Coconino National Forest, Lockett Meadow Spring Tank W; 3.9 mi W of junction of US 89 at end of FSR 522; in Lockett Meadow, at lower end of Inner Basin, SF Mountains; W tank of springs at entrance to Lockett Meadow; 10 mi N of Flagstaff., 35.3612 -111.6221, 2597m

ASC00045703D. & V. Walter   105341985-07-31
United States, Arizona, Coconino, Mormon Lake, 1 mi W of village, SW end of lake., 34.9475 -111.45417, 2164m

ASC00021668Anderson & Young   631965-08-22
United States, Arizona, Apache, Fluted Rock Rd, 20 mi from Ganado (Mystery Flower Valley)., 35.88583 -109.24833, 2438m

ASC00037665L. Vann   s.n.1976-06-12
United States, Arizona, Apache, Fluted Rock., 35.88583 -109.24833, 2438m

ASC00021505J. Reynolds   s.n.1967-07-09
United States, Arizona, Coconino, 5 mi W of Flagstaff, on Rt 66., 35.198028 -111.739317, 1920m

ASC00042492M. Schilling   2341979-07-04
United States, Arizona, Coconino, Railroad Spring, 8.5 mi S of Parks; nr second spring., 35.145 -111.9572, 2042m

ASC00010630C.F. Deaver   46991954-07-15
United States, Arizona, Apache, Big Lake, S of Springerville 20 mi., 33.88667 -109.41667, 2743m

ASC00015423C.F. Deaver   63741963-07-10
United States, Arizona, Apache, McNary., 34.07361 -109.85639, 2286m

ASC00015406D.E. Conatser   581961-07-03
United States, Arizona, Apache, Highway 73, 1 mi E of McNary., 34.073609 -109.838874, 2133m

ASC00010030Haskell & Deaver   47301954-08-08
United States, Arizona, Apache, Fluted Rock Summit, nr Ft Defiance., 35.88583 -109.24833, 2438m

ASC00058411P. Boucher   6091987-07-21
United States, Arizona, Coconino, Upper Kehl Canyon., 34.44296 -111.31286, 2286m

ASC00115522G. Rink   141812016-07-23
United States, Arizona, Coconino, Rio de Flag at southeast end of Cheshire, 35.23423 -111.66812, 2164m

ASC00015290Chester F. Deaver   21411940-07-18
United States, Colorado, Park, Fairplay, 39.224713 -106.001962, 3048m

ASC00124795Ben Legler   62152007-07-18
United States, New Mexico, Colfax, Vermejo Park Ranch: ridgeline 2.0 air mi NW of Underwood Lakes and 1/4 air mi SW of point 11353; exactly on Taos-Colfax county line., 36.986 -105.22725, 3447m

Dinosaur National Monument Herbarium

DINO0825Derek J. Tiley   s.n.2002-05-30
United States, Colorado, Moffat, Dinosaur National Monument; Harper's Corner Rd, Escalante Overlook, 40.326078 -108.945671, 1212m

Fort Lewis College Herbarium

FLD0000102Jamieson and Romme   1988-05-18
United States, Colorado, Hinsdale, San Juan Mountains, UpperSand Bench Area, San Juan National Forest. S of southern end of FS Rd 642, NW of the confluence of Weminuche Cr and the Piedra River., 37.40659 -107.286711, 2880 - 2940m

FLD0000103Jamieson and Romme   1987-06-01
United States, Colorado, Archuleta, San Juan Mountains, Lower Sand Bench Area, San Juan National Forest. S of southern end of FS Rd 642, NW of the confluence of Weminuche Cr and the Piedra River., 37.409731 -107.251687, 2730 - 2790m

FLD0000111Margarette J. Lyon   49081994-06-21
United States, Colorado, Montrose, San Miguel and Lower Dolores River Drainages: Umcompahgre Plateau: Tabeguache Creek Drainage on Forest road 503, ca 4 air mi SE of Columbine Pass., 38.3871 -108.3434, 2560m

FLD0014238Paula Pletnikoff   0142018-07-02
United States, Colorado, San Juan, Along the sides of the trail to Engineer Mountain approx. 900 m from the trailhead., 37.704444 -107.784444, 3495m

FLD0014775Ross McCauley   10782020-06-14
United States, Colorado, La Plata, San Juan National Forest. Just below the SW end of Lime Mesa. Area around crossing of Forest Road 81 (Lime Mesa Rd) and a small tributary of Canyon Creek., 37.536753 -107.69571, 3197m

Ross McCauley   11092020-06-21
United States, Colorado, San Juan, Placer Gulch, above the old Sound Democrat Mill., 37.91216 -107.598016, 3717m

Harvard University Herbaria: Vascular Plants of North America

00029761C. F. Baker, F. S. Earle & S. M. Tracy   4791898-07-14
United States of America, Colorado, Upper La Plata Canon, alt. 10000-11200 feet, 3048 - 3413m

Intermountain Herbarium (Vasc. & Algae)

UTC00003867Bassett Maguire; JD Redd    17041932-07-05
United States, Utah, San Juan, Woodlands below LaSal Pass, 38.255 -109.164, 2896m

UTC00020190Bassett Maguire; G Piranian; B.L. Richards Jr.    124981935-07-18
United States, Colorado, Gunnison, Meadow along US 50 6 mi W of Gunnison

UTC00022621IW Clokey    37471920-08-01
United States, Colorado, Teller, Cripple Creek Denver, 38.4448 -105.1042, 3170m

UTC00024712RC Stillinger    361936-05-17
United States, Washington, Spokane, Cheney

UTC00024998RG Stillinger    551937-05-03
United States, Washington, Spokane, Spokane

UTC00033287C.L. Porter   49401949-06-29
United States, Wyoming, Carbon, Along Rock Creek near McFadden, 41.3916 -106.075, 2134m

UTC00052853Bassett Maguire; RR Maguire    9301933-07-26
United States, Utah, San Juan, NW slopes of Mt Melentine LaSal Mts, 38.2748 -109.1402, 3353m

UTC00059239FL Pickett    4621916-05-03
United States, Washington, Grant, Coulee City, 47.3641 -119.1732

UTC00069267CL Hitchcock; CV Muhlick    81441944-05-22
United States, Washington, Kittitas, 10 mi N of Yakima on Ellensburg Hwy

UTC00078082WA Weber    33931947-07-20
United States, Colorado, Boulder, E slope Mt Audubon along trail from Brainerd Lake, 40.0934 -105.6058, 3505m

UTC00082270CL Hitchcock    175151948-06-20
United States, Washington, Grant, 10 mi NW of Coulee City at edges of potholes

UTC00102402VK Hugie; B Thatcher    301962-06-06
United States, Wyoming, Hot Springs, 11 mi S of Thermopolis on Owl Ck Mts in Arapahoe Assoc pasture, 1890m

UTC00103002A Cronquist; N Holmgren    92611961-06-12
United States, Utah, San Juan, N of Hose Mt on NW flank of Abajo Mts about 80 mi S of Moab, 37.909 -109.7823, 2438m

UTC00102857A Cronquist; N Holmgren    93091961-06-19
United States, Utah, Garfield, E slope of Henry Mts between Mt Ellen and Mt Pennell 29 mi S of Hanksville, 37.5716 -110.4714, 2591m

UTC00104122Bassett Maguire    1933-06-26
United States, Utah, San Juan, LaSal Mts E side of Mt Mel, 38.2748 -109.1402, 3536m

UTC00122495JW Thompson    91801933-06-23
United States, Washington, Lincoln, E of Creston

UTC00126704FS Crosswhite; E Lehto    7251960-04-14
United States, Arizona, Yavapai, Ca 10 mi NE of Camp Verde

UTC00138998Noel H. Holmgren; PK Holmgren    51591971-06-11
United States, Colorado, Moffat, Blue Mtn Plateau main rd (Dinosaur-Harper's Corner) 9.4 mi N of US Hwy 40, 2316m

UTC00148140T Calyton    22121961-03-25
United States, Texas, Val Verde, Ca 9 mi W of Comstock 2 mi E of the Pecos River

UTC00205292KA Ernest    1291989-07-16
United States, Colorado, Boulder, 5.7 km WSW of Ward Niwot Ridge (E of continental divide), 40.05 -105.5683, 3414m

UTC00208521FJ Smith; J Barnes    35411991-08-13
United States, Utah, Emery, Cedar Mt near Bob Hill Flat, 39.1991 -110.6915, 2207m

UTC00210002S Riley    21001992-04-20
United States, Idaho, Idaho, 30 air mi W of Grangdeville. Near the confluence of the Snake River and Divide Cr., 45.8368 -116.7514, 579m

Jemez Mountain Herbarium

10Brian Reif   2002-06-02
United States, New Mexico, Rio Arriba, Santa Fe National Forest and Vicinity: Jemez Mountains: NM Hwy 70, South San Pedro Parks Wilderness trailhead from parking lot N to San Gregorio Reservoir. W1/2 S21., 36.0273 -106.85, 2865m

Kathryn Kalmbach Herbarium

KHD00041528Ben Legler   46372007-06-19
United States of America, New Mexico, Colfax, Vermejo Park Ranch: north side of a small unnamed pond on divide between Spring Canyon and the Canadian River, 0.15 air mi S of Colorado and 8 air mi NW of Casa Grande., 36.99083333 -105.0408333

KHD00043125Ben Legler   57072007-07-07
United States of America, New Mexico, Colfax, Vermejo Park Ranch: knoll 0.7 air mi due E of upper Underwood Lake., 36.96180556 -105.1971111

KHD00045741Ben Legler   70782007-08-03
United States of America, New Mexico, Colfax, Vermejo Park Ranch: in head of Long Canyon, 1.1 air mi S of Colorado and 22 air mi WNW of Raton., 36.97655556 -104.8239722

KHD00063330Ronald L. Hartman   775042003-06-20
United States of America, Colorado, Archuleta, Eastern San Juan Mountains: San Juan National Forest: Forest Road 649, 4 air mi NW of Cournty Road 500., 37.164083 -107.113217, 2500 - 2561m

KHD00077824Audrey Spencer   1472021-06-30
United States of America, Colorado, Gilpin, Axton Ranch Mountain Park. 450 acre parcel just east of Starr Peak and approximately 13.75 kilometers west north west of intersection of Colorado State highway 72 and Colorado State Highway 93., 39.898817 -105.399324, 2707m

KHD00078637Lori E. Brummer   90072012-06-18
United States of America, Colorado, Montrose, Uncompahgre Plateau: Uncompahgre National Forest: 7N Mesa, ca 4 road mi S of Divide Road on 7N or Forest Road 505, ca 25 air mi ESE of Montrose., 38.4456 -108.328, 2671 - 2707m

KHD00079513Lori E. Brummer, Joe E. Brummer   123002014-07-18
United States of America, Colorado, Ouray, San Juan Mountains: Uncompahgre National Forest: Mount Sneffels area, Governor Basin, from slopes WNW of Humboldt Mine to road below Virginicus Mine, ca 6.5 air miles SW of Ouray., 37.96966 -107.78053, 3628 - 3841m

KHD00079514Lori E. Brummer   4542010-06-11
United States of America, Colorado, Mesa, Uncompahgre Plateau: Uncompahgre National Forest: Rocky Pitch Gulch, off Divide Road, 2 road mi SW of Forest boundary, 8.3 road mi SSW of Colo Hwy 141, ca 30 air mi E of Delta., 38.7588 -108.6201, 2476 - 2488m

Louisiana State University, Shirley C. Tucker Herbarium

LSU-NO:Vascular Plants
NO0041295I. W. Clokey   37471920-08-01
United States, Colorado, Teller, Cripple Creek

Missouri Botanical Garden

2118263H. van der Werff   188422004-08-09
United States, New Mexico, Taos, Valle Vidal Unit of Carson National Forest, following State Rd. 196 E of Castilla, continuing on Forestry Rd. 1950. Open pine forest and meadows., 36.50028 -106.25028, 2300 - 2700m

1779430Charles F. Baker   4791898-07-14
United States, Colorado, La Plata, 3048 - 34138m

New Mexico State University Herbarium

6152C.F. Baker   2491899-07-00
United States, Colorado, Archuleta, Pagosa Springs.

84318J.E. Larson and R. Peters   18642005-07-04
United States, New Mexico, Taos, Carson National Forest and vicinity; Sangre de Cristo Range; Pecos Wilderness; Santa Barbarra Divide and Alamitos Creeks drainage, ca 18 miles southeast of Penasco., 36.0449 -105.5417, 3810m

New Mexico State University Range Science

21420Allred, Kelly W   80552001-05-31
United States, New Mexico, Otero, Sacramento Mts, La Luz Canyon, meadow area at junction with Bailey Canyon road, mixed conifer vegetation; N32d59.755' W105d44.740', 2600m

23202Hartman, R.L.   
United States, New Mexico, Sandoval, Valles Caldera National Preserve

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