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Taxa: Typha orientalis
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Carnegie Museum of Natural History Herbarium

CM264331Murata, G.   PJE 4811965-08-13
Japan, Honshu, Wakayama Pref., Seto, Shirahama-cho, Nishimuro-gun

CM382621Deguchi, K.   58011980-10-15
Japan, Chiba Pref., Honshu, Eto-bashi, Misaki-cho, Isumi-gun

University of Alaska Museum

118179unknown   1800-01-01
No specific locality recorded.

118178unknown   1800-01-01
No specific locality recorded.

University of Colorado Museum of Natural History Herbarium Vascular Plant Collection

02545721Leopold A. Charette   18671954-08-08
Japan, Yamaguchi Prefecture: On Iwakuni Air Base, Iwakuni City, on the N. bank of the Imazu River. (25.6 miles west of Hiroshima City)., 34.166667 132.166667, 15m

University of Michigan Herbarium

1207738P.J. Philson, L.A. Dorre, & T.T. Earle   2401935-01-22
New Zealand, no data, Bay of Islands, One mile north of Russell, on Tapeka Point

1207739R.K. Smith   1021934-08-07
North Korea, Pyongyang, Contact UM Herbarium

1207740Mrs. R.K. Smith   s.n.1934-09-05
South Korea, no data, Contact UM Herbarium

1207741Not evident   s.n.1932-08-07
no data, Mumgumpo Whanghar Province

1207742J.B. Steere   s.n.
Philippines, no data, Zebu

1207743Adolph D.E. Elmer   162441916-06-00
Philippines, Sorsogon, Contact UM Herbarium

1207744Mary S. Clemens   s.n.1948-10-00
Australia, Queensland, Contact UM Herbarium

University of Texas at El Paso Biodiversity Collections Herbarium

UTEP:Herb:78678Collector(s): Sheng-you Lu   219631987-06-07
Taiwan, Pilu Stream, Taitung County, 300 - 300m

University of Vermont, Pringle Herbarium

UVMVT116227Charette, L.A.   18671954-08-08
Japan, Yamaguchi, On Iwakuni Air Base, Iwakuni City on the n. bank of the Imazu River. (25.6 miles west of Hiroshima City)., 34.166667 132.166667

Washington State University Marion Ownbey Herbarium

357397T. Buch   s.n.1988-07-28
Russia, Primorskiy territory, Spasskiy district, vicinity of village Novoselskoe, lake by the way to Sibirtzevo

Arizona State University Pollen Collection

New Zealand

Page 1, records 1-16 of 16

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