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Taxa: Calochortus excavatus
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California Botanic Garden Herbarium

Mark Kerr   6361941-05-20
United States, California, Inyo, Paddy Jock Springs, near Independence

Mary DeDecker   35301974-06-02
United States, California, Mono, Fish Slough: nw. of Bishop, BLM Spring., 37.4802 -118.4036, 1280m

Marcus E. Jones   s.n.1897-05-14
United States, California, Inyo, Lone Pine. Owens Valley., 36.5972689 -118.1905746, 1829m

G. Willett   s.n.1934-05-00
United States, California, Inyo, East side of Westgard Pass, White Mountains., 37.3126 -118.117, 1829m

Mary DeDecker   35001974-05-26
United States, California, Inyo, Owens Valley : 2.7 miles north of Citrus (Mazourka) Road. Pasture east of L.A. Aqueduct., 36.8375 -118.1925, 1159m

Philip A. Munz   136251949-06-16
United States, California, Mono, Hot springs, 1 mile southeast of Bridgeport., 38.246 -119.2063, 2058m

Holly C. Forbes   FS-3581984-06-02
United States, California, Mono, SE of Pisters Pond at NW end of slough; Fish Slough: a desert wetland system north of Bishop at the northern end of Owens Valley; study site includes 14 sq. miles along a 7 mile drainage axis., 37.4841895 -118.4071254, 1274 - 1341m

Mary DeDecker   9161958-07-13
United States, California, Mono, Sierra Nevada: Above Highway 395; SW of Crowley Lake., 37.5734 -118.7813, 2195m

Jim André   115702008-05-19
United States, California, Inyo, Owens Valley; Lower Baker Creek, alkali meadow north of Sugar Loaf Rd.; Big Pine 7.5, 37.16345 -118.31565, 1317m

RSA0187101Jim M. André   387132017-05-08
United States, California, Inyo, BLMOwens Valley. Alabama hills, south side of lubkin cyn rd, 0.7 mi. west of us hwy 395.; Lone Pine 7.5', 36.9376 -117.3260333, 1216m

RSA0305757Sophia Winitsky   11242017-00-00
United States, California, Mono, Eastern Sierra Land Trust. North of Black Lake. along dirt road that connects Black and Antelope Lakes., 37.83913 -118.57957, 1954m

Granite Mountains Desert Research Center

GMDRC3861J. André   115702008-05-19
United States, California, Inyo, Owens Valley: Lower Baker Creek, growing in alkali meadow N. of Sugar Loaf Rd, 1317m

Harvard University Herbaria: Vascular Plants of North America

00357325Wash. Matthews   1877-00-00
United States of America, California, Owens Valley

00357326W. H. Shockley   4271886-05-30
United States of America, California, Inyo County, Bishop Creek

00357327A. A. Heller   83501906-05-30
United States of America, California, Inyo County, near Bishop, Inyo county

Intermountain Herbarium (Vasc. & Algae)

UTC00003921Marcus E. Jones   1897-05-14
United States, California, Inyo, Lone Pine, 1829m

Kathryn Kalmbach Herbarium

KHD00045241Geo. L. Fisher   s.n.1936-07-27
United States of America, Arizona, McNary., 34.089011 -109.853614

New York Botanical Garden Steere Herbarium

3524231A. A. Heller   83501906-05-30
United States of America, California, Inyo Co., Near Bishop. It was rather plentiful in one meadow, and is from type locality, “Bishop Creek, Inyo County.”

University of California, Riverside Plant Herbarium

June Latting   s.n.1978-05-14
United States, California, Inyo, Los Angeles Dept. Water & Power property near Independence, 36.8 -118.14167, 349m

Jim André   183132011-05-27
United States, California, Inyo, along Lubken Road c. 1 mi west of US Hwy 395, 36.54243 -118.06197, 1237m

University of Nevada Herbarium

60192A.A. Heller   83501906-05-30
USA, California, Inyo, Near Bishop., 37.36354 -118.39511

106741A. Howald   49312019-05-26
USA, California, Mono, E of Sierra Nevada, Fish Slough, BLM spring, on E side of road, 1.5 miles N of Inyo/Mono County line., 37.479528 -118.401889, 1277m

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Wisconsin State Herbarium

v0009263WISMcDonald, H.   s.n.1997-05-25
United States, California, Inyo, S of Bishop, 37.275 -118.3863889

Washington State University Marion Ownbey Herbarium

151702Mark Kerr   6361941-05-20
United States, California, Inyo, Paddy Jack Springs near Independence, 36.80271 -118.200095

Page 1, records 1-24 of 24

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