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Taxa: Festuca rubra subsp. vallicola
Search Criteria: excluding cultivated/captive occurrences

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Intermountain Herbarium (Vasc. & Algae)

UTC00283964Unknown collectors fesrub 12   2015-08-01
United States, Colorado, Gilpin, Golden Gate Canyon State Park, 39.814567 -105.075267, 2861m

UTC00283970Unknown collectors fesrub 14   2015-08-01
United States, Colorado, Gilpin, Golden Gate Canyon State Park; 39.814567 -105.075267, 39.814567 -105.075267, 2861m

UTC00283971unknown collectors fesrub   132015-08-01
United States, Colorado, Gilpin, Golden Gate Canyon State Park. Moist embankment of Ratston Creek next to visitors center., 39.831233 -105.4086, 2498m

Oregon State University

Elaine Joyal   6141983-06-23
United States, Washington, Skamania, Lower Muddy River., 46.1058698 -122.007591, 420m

Rocky Mountain Herbarium

Emma E. Freeland   69692013-07-17
U.S.A., Montana, Beaverhead, Foothills of the Snowcrest Range: Blacktail State Wildlife Management Area: East Fork Blacktail Deer Creek, ca 10 air mi NW of Antone Peak, ca 27 air mi SE of Dillon., 44.9015 -112.2728, 2046 - 2052m

University of Vermont, Pringle Herbarium

UVMVT039567   1895-07-04
United States, Vermont, Windham, Torrey Meadow, 43.06356 -72.93267

UVMVT039566Jones, L.R.   1895-07-04
United States, Vermont, Windham, 43.06356 -72.93267

Washington State University Marion Ownbey Herbarium

18619William C. Cusick   33011908-08-01
United States, Oregon, Wallowa Mts, West Eagle Creek., 45.01944 -117.45306

3460William C. Cusick   20661898-08-29
United States, Oregon, 44.50444 -123.55

3484A.D.E. Elmer   19121900-06-00
United States, Washington, Clallam, Olympic Mtns., 47.87222 -123.66667

276839L.E. Detling   66721950-07-01
United States, Oregon, Clatsop, Saddle Mt., 45.96917 -123.68417

276272L.E. Detling   70411951-07-10
United States, Oregon, Benton, Mary's Peak., 44.63806 -123.5775

94300Kirk Whited   8051922-08-15
United States, Oregon, Deschutes, [Tumalo] Ranger Station.

1345J.B. Leiberg   2221894-06-00
United States, Oregon, Near Prindle, boggy places on northern slopes of Giggly Butte., 45.58556 -122.155

261054R.F. Daubenmire   45211945-06-19
United States, Idaho, Idaho, Along Selway River., 46.14028 -115.59861

299006Aven Nelson   14201911-07-30
United States, Idaho, Custer, Mackay (Pass Creek)., 44.04833 -114.7975

357323Barbara L. Wilson   75041994-08-08
United States, Oregon, Wallowa, Lostine River, Wallowa Whitman National Forest, Eagle Cap Wilderness, 1.3 miles south of a guard station., 45.55194 -117.48944

Page 1, records 1-17 of 17

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