Dataset: IND-
Taxa: Carex jamesii
Search Criteria: indiana; owen; fish creek; includes cultivated/captive occurrences

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Perhaps you were looking for: Carex caxinensis, Carex cenisia, Carex chihuahuensis, Carex chinensis, Carex comans, Carex communis, Carex comosa, Carex conica, Carex eminens, Carex emmonsii, Carex hachijoensis, Carex hakonensis, Carex hawaiiensis, Carex inanis, Carex incisa, Carex jacens, Carex jonesii, Carex juncea, Carex kauaiensis, Carex kokanica, Carex kumaonensis, Carex kunzei, Carex maackii, Carex mainensis, Carex meekii, Carex oahuensis, Carex omeiensis, Carex owyheensis, Carex quichensis, Carex sakonis, Carex simensis, Carex sinaica, Carex sonomensis, Carex wahuensis, Carex x kenaica, Carex x mainensis, Carex yukonensis, Carica monoica, Carya x schneckii, Carya × schneckii, Casearia guianensis, Cassia racemosa, Cerasus x eminens, Cerasus yunnanensis, Cercis chinensis, Cercis chingii, Cercis yunnanensis, Cereus chacoanus, Cereus coccineus, Cereus goiasensis, Cereus gummosus, Cereus haageanus, Cereus hexagonus, Cereus minensis, Cereus munzii, Cereus nashii, Chiococca racemosa, Choisya arizonica, Chrysocoma nauseosa, Chrysocycnis, Chuquiraga kingii, Chusquea guirigayensis, Chusquea juergensii, Chusquea uruguayensis, Cirsium iowense, Cirsium maackii, Cissus karaguensis, Coriaria sinica, Corsiniaceae, Coussarea racemosa, Crocus maesiacus, Crocus minimus, Crocus moesiacus, Crocus susianus, Crocyniaceae, Crossangis, Cruckshanksia

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