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Taxa: Anemone narcissiflora subsp. zephyra
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Arizona State University Vascular Plant Herbarium

ASU0299463Sam Loftin   1984-08-04
USA, Colorado, Rocky Mountain National Park, 3322m

California Polytechnic State University, Robert F. Hoover Herbarium

Anemone narcissiflora subsp. zephyra (A. Nels.) Löve, Löve & Kapoor
OBI170495Tom Schweich   14782016-06-29
United States, Colorado, Lake, Breece Hill Roadside of Lake County Road 1A, near the top of Breece Hill, about 4.1 mi. by road from the GNIS location of Leadville., 39.24170394 -106.2345046, 3565m

Colorado State University, Charles Maurer Herbarium

200769Michael K. Kirkpatrick   33972010-07-25
United States, Colorado, Summit, Tenmile Range: Arapaho National Forest: road along the southern shore of Lower Blue Lake near the bottom of the falls, ca 3 air mi NW of Hoosier Pass., 39.386 -106.0934, 3475m

Deaver Herbarium (Northern Arizona University)

ASC00126030G. Goodwin   61662022-07-09
United States, Colorado, Gunnison, Paradise Divide, ca. 10 mi W of Crested Butte, 38.9948 -107.0589, 3353m

Jemez Mountain Herbarium

05233C. F Keller   
USA, Colorado, San Juan, Andrews Fen (beside Andrews Lake) between Durango and Silverton, 37.728611 -107.706389

Kathryn Kalmbach Herbarium

KHD00057897Carol Walker   191980-06-21
United States of America, Colorado, Clear Creek, 2 miles up Fall River Road northwest of Idaho Springs., 39.778745 -105.575126

KHD00057895Emily L. Hartman   65001986-07-16
United States of America, Colorado, Gunnison, Cumberland Pass, ca. 13 miles northeast of Pitkin, Gunnison National Forest., 38.689162 -106.484194, 3626m

Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory

RMBL0005078Williams, Charles F.   26572019-07-18
United States, Colorado, Gunnison, Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory. Virginia Basin, 1.5 mi. NE of Gothic. Bench just S and above stream in midbasin., 38.982527 -106.971735, 3627m

South Dakota State University, C. A. Taylor Herbarium

0002976DeAlton Saunders   s.n.1893-06-24
USA, Colorado, Lake, 7 mi W of Leadville; Tennesee Pass, 39.268701 -106.430012, 3353m

University of Nebraska State Museum, C.E. Bessey Herbarium

71333Omer Edison Sperry   s.n.1934-07-13
United States, Colorado, Subalpine. Willow Park. Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

252597Walter L. Kiener   78251938-07-22
United States, Colorado, Boulder, Longs Peak, east slope. Among shrubbery. Altitude 11,300.

Page 1, records 1-11 of 11

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