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Arizona State University Vascular Plant Herbarium

ASU0105144D. J. Pinkava   1972-01-05
USA, Arizona, Maricopa, ASU Greenhouse from Tucson Nursery

ASU0105145E. Makings   19712005-03-26
USA, Arizona, Maricopa, 10063 E. San Bernardo Scottsdale, 33.5724 -111.866, 427m

ASU0105146Dixie Z. Damrel   8081998-07-02
United States, Arizona, Maricopa, Campus of Arizona State University; West side of Packard Stadium in parking lot divider., 33.425738 -111.934022, 366m

Botanical Research Institute of Texas, Philecology Herbarium

United States, [no locality on label]

Brigham Young University, S. L. Welsh Herbarium

BRYV0247090Robert A. Norris   46151984-01-07
U.S.A., California, San Francisco, Near Toll Plaza, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.

BRYV0247089Cheryl C. Stucki   281988-04-23
U.S.A., Utah, Washington, South side of home. 3216 Truman Drive. Santa Clara.

California Botanic Garden Herbarium

Scott D. White   60391997-12-31
United States, California, Los Angeles, Malibu Coast: Mouth of Trancas Canyon, north of Pacific Coast Highway. Roadside bank just west of Highway 1 bridge over Trancas Creek.; Point Dume quad., 34.0333333 -118.8416667, 8m

California Polytechnic State University, Robert F. Hoover Herbarium

OBI180873Leighton Murphy   12014-11-10
United States, California, San Luis Obispo, Garfield Arms Apartments (Grand Avenue & Palm Street), San Luis Obispo, 35.290087 -120.652462, 71m

Carnegie Museum of Natural History Herbarium

CM305763Knight, W.   50351984-08-02
United States, California, Sonoma, Petaluma, K-Mart

CM353328Lobdell, E.Y.   23331990-02-23
United States, Pennsylvania, Allegheny, Pittsburgh, Phipps Conservatory, Greenhouse No. 8, 40.439124 -79.947622

College of Southern Nevada; Wesley E. Niles Herbarium

49680S.D. White   60391997-12-31
United States, California, Los Angeles, Malibu Coast, mouth of Truncas Canyon, north of Pacific Coast Highway; roadside bank just west of CA Highway 1 bridge over Trancas Creek; USGS Point Dume Quad, 8m

Deaver Herbarium (Northern Arizona University)

ASC00034214Mary Nathe   s.n.1979-12-05
United States, Arizona, Maricopa, Tempe, Baseline and Rural Rdo, 33.377932 -111.928504, 305m

Delaware State University, Claude E. Phillips Herbarium

DOV0054577Nicole Havrilchak   154472017-01-25
United States, Pennsylvania, Chester, SEASONAL Garden Path

Desert Botanical Garden Herbarium

Euryops pectinatus (L.) Cass.
DES00028891Jean Cordts   881985-01-11
USA, Arizona, Maricopa County, Phoenix, St. Stephens Church at 56th and Oak Streets., 33.474014 -111.961167

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Plant Industry

8802Richard E. Weaver, Jr., Jr.   42702004-05-07
United States, Florida, Alachua, Florida Fancy Nursery, 6305 NW 79th Terrace. Containerized shrub 6 dm. tall. Ray florets bright yellow. Foliage grayish.

8809Reuben Sibert   E2004-37882004-05-20
United States, Florida, Lee, 5647 Shaddalee Lane. Ray flowers bright yellow.

George Mason University, Ted R. Bradley Herbarium

GMUF-0044947Ted Bradley   326152004-05-21
United States, Virginia, Fairfax, From garden of Ted Bradley in Fairfax City

Georgia Southwestern State University Herbarium

00001695Robert A. Norris   46151984-01-07
USA, California, San Francisco, NE-facing slope near Toll Plaza, Golden Gate Bridge

Herbario del Jardín Botánico BUAP, Puebla, Mexico

Euryops pectinatus (L.) Cass.
61611Lucio Caamaño Onofre   73222015-05-28
Mexico, Puebla, Atlixco, Bazar de Bonsai, cultivada, 18.892944 -98.427502, 1808m

Huntington Botanical Gardens Herbarium

Euryops pectinatus (L.) Cass.

Intermountain Herbarium (Vasc. & Algae)

UTC00224667Scott D White    1997-12-31
United States, California, Los Angeles, Malibu Coast; Mouth of Trancas Cyn N of Pacific Coast Hwy. USGS Point Dume quad. T/R/S not mapped, 34.0333333 -118.8416667, 8m

Missouri Botanical Garden

Euryops pectinatus (L.) Cass.
2973508Robert M. King   123802002-11-21
United States, Colorado, Herbarium specimens collected from a plant obtained from Gulley's Nursery in Fort Collins, Colorado.

San Diego Natural History Museum

Mika Shimada-Cicirelli   362004-06-12
United States, California, San Diego, Youth Aquatic Camp Fiesta Island, Mission Bay Park.The area is located at the southeastern cove of the island surrounded by a shallow body of water as well as sandy beach, 32.7775 -117.2147

Adele Snyder   s.n.1982-03-03
United States, California, San Diego, Encinitas, Quail Botanical Gardens

Southeastern Louisiana University, Glen N. Montz Herbarium

SELU0010366Jacqueline Culp   261994-02-11
United States, Louisiana, Jefferson, Gatehouse Apts. 225 W. Gatehouse Dr.

SELU0010367Mike Farabee   261994-02-11
United States, Louisiana, Jefferson, Gatehouse Apts - 225 W. Gatehouse Dr.

SELU0010368Glen N. Montz & Lindsay Fisher   67551994-05-14
United States, Louisiana, Saint Charles, 216 Murrayhill Drive, Destrehan, LA.

University of California, Riverside Plant Herbarium

Scott D. White   60391997-12-31
United States, California, Los Angeles, Malibu Coast: Mouth of Trancas Canyon, north of Pacific Coast Hwy., 34.03333 -118.84167, 8m

Michael A. Patten   s.n.1993-03-19
United States, California, Riverside, Riverside, Canyon Crest area, below Sycamore Canyon, 33.95 -117.34167, 305m

University of Florida Herbarium

Euryops pectinatus (L.) Cass.
264281Ronald Lange   9032011-04-08
United States of America, Florida, Alachua County, Gainesville, University of Florida campus, President's Residence; gardens around pool, west of house.

University of Texas at Austin Herbarium

TEX00006925Guy L. Nesom   s.n.1988-12-23
United States, Texas, Travis, Cultivated in city of Austin, at local nursery.

Vanderbilt University Herbarium

United States, California, San Francisco

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