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Taxa: Nierembergia hippomanica, Nierembergia hippomanica var. violacea, Nierembergia hippomanica var. caerulea, Nierembergia hippomanica var. hippomanica
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Botanical Research Institute of Texas, Philecology Herbarium

BRIT468765Mrs. W. J. Harkey   s.n.1962-05-14
United States, Texas, Dallas, Irving.

California Botanic Garden Herbarium

Sharon Haennelt   s.n.1977-00-00
United States, California, Los Angeles, Hills around county and state park, Placerita Canyon., 488m

RSA0048540Mark Giebel   s.n.1965-04-24
United States, California, Los Angeles, W. L.A. nr. La Cienega Blvd., 152m

RSA0048291P. R. Brown   551970-05-19
United States, California, Los Angeles, Trail, East hill, Canon de Lana.

Deaver Herbarium (Northern Arizona University)

ASC00095473K. Daniels Dotti   s.n.1996-04-01
United States, Arizona, Yavapai, Verde Valley School music room near bridige; in or around wash and yard; 3511 Verde Valley School Road, 34.8 -111.816667, 1250m

Desert Botanical Garden Herbarium

DES00011647R. G. Engard   1975-04-17
USA, Arizona, Maricopa, Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix., 33.461395 -111.944487

DES00019161Victor Gass   1980-04-25
USA, Arizona, Maricopa, Desert Botanical Garden.

DES00029094Jean Cordts   2431985-10-24
USA, Arizona, Maricopa, 8118 E Virginia, Scottsdale., 33.47688 -111.907369

Indiana University Herbarium, Deam Herbarium

IND-0106551A. V. de la Sota   2011948-01-05
Argentina, Cordoba, between Dean Fumes and San Vicente, in Ischilin department, -31.42353 -64.144128

New Mexico State University Herbarium

40743Schreiter   97361933-11-00
Argentina, Tucumán, Trancas, Las Tacanas (S Pedro de Colalao), 1300m

University of Arizona Herbarium

M. E. Caldwell   8401959-08-03
United States, Arizona, Pima County, 3464 E Bunell Street, Tucson, 32.22167 -110.92583

A. D. Zimmerman   17491980-05-10
United States, Arizona, Cochise County, Huachuca Mountains, ca. 7 mi south of Sierra Vista, at mouth of Carr Canyon, 31.45284 -110.30306

University of California, Riverside Plant Herbarium

UCR0058816George K. Helmkamp   s.n.1981-05-20
United States, California, Riverside, Dry Morongo Wash, 100 yards downstream from the bridge at the San Bernardino County Line, 34.03222 -116.59028, 732m

University of Georgia Herbarium

Cultivated, Cultivated, Cultivated

Page 1, records 1-14 of 14

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